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How you can watch The Intern and not have a huge smile on your face when the credits roll is beyond me. This is such a charming and feel-good kind of movie that I am mad at myself for taking so long to watch it. I remember seeing the trailer and thinking a 70-year-old working as an intern sounds dumb and I thought it was a stupid comedy, but that could not be further from the truth.

How to Download The Intern

The Intern was released on September 25, 2015. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review

Yes, The Intern has some funny moments in it, but it is not a full-on comedy. I would say maybe 60 percent drama and 40 percent comedy is the way to look at this. Robert DeNiro plays the role of Ben Whittaker. Ben is a widow and is struggling to find meaning in his life during his retirement years.

Our other lead is the always fantastic and charming Anne Hathaway who plays the role of Jules. Jules is the CEO of this e-commerce fashion startup and she is a real workaholic and pours everything that she has into this company. She has taken way too much on, but she struggles to open up and ask for help or even accept help when it is offered.

The Unique Internship Experience in The Intern

Her company has this program where they are going to hire senior citizens to work as interns and Ben is one of a few that get the job. Ben wins over pretty much everyone with his positive attitude, friendly demeanor, and great advice on life and work. This is some of the most charming stuff we have ever seen from Robert DeNiro! Let me tell you, when I am 70, I hope I am as cool and as charming as Ben is!

Ben eventually catches the eye of Jules and the two of them hit it off. What I love about this movie is that if Ben were the same age as Jules, this would be some kind of cheesy rom-com and the two would end up together. That is not the case at all, Ben listens to Jules and goes above and beyond to help her out and the two have a great relationship my personal favorite scene has to be Ben trying to get rid of a bad email that was sent to Jule’s mother!

The Intern: A Movie with Heart and Humor

At the end of the day, The Intern is a good and positive movie about life and how family is what matters, family and looking after yourself and being happy. It has a great message that I feel like we could all do with hearing and our two leads do a great job at delivering this message.

Undoubtedly, Robert DeNiro (see him in The Irishman or About My Father) and Anne Hathaway (check her out in Interstellar or Ocean’s 8) are the two leads of this movie, but The Intern has a great supporting cast too. Anders Holm and Adam DeVine from Workaholics are here as is Rene Russo. It is a rather small cast of main characters, but they all play their parts so well.

I am so glad I took the gamble on this one, I picked up the Blu-Ray from my local supermarket as it was in a random bin full of movies that were £2 and it is probably the best £2 I have spent on a movie this year. No matter if you track down the movie physically like I did or can catch it on streaming if you are in the mood for a charming feel-good comedy/drama, The Intern is perfect. If this had a physical 4K release, I would 100 percent add it to my collection!

The Intern
The Intern is a heartwarming film where a 70-year-old intern brings wisdom and charm to a modern startup, Download it now and see what happened.
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The Intern Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Robert DeNiro is the coolest 70 year old ever!
  • Anne Hathaway is impossible not to love!
  • It is a very charming and heartfelt movie
  • While it has a lot of heart, it also has many funny moments too
  • The chances of this ever getting a 4K release are slim to none!
  • If you are someone without a heart or soul chances are the movie will not click with you…. yeah I said that!
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