The Matrix Resurrections

I was so in when the original Matrix was released. Actually, I remember the original Matrix (and Star Wars Episode 1) being the last movies I had to line up for over an hour to see, before my theatres would do the whole prebook thing. Anyway, I thought that the Matrix was done and dusted so when I heard that Lana Wachowski was bringing it back, I was excited, but also a little unsure.

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Quite possible you will be able to stream and watch the film on HBO Max 31 days from Wednesday 22nd December 2021. Click on the Download button and check the current availability.

The Movie Review

I want to start with what I loved about The Matrix Resurrections. This movie looks amazing and in keeping with the original trilogy, it boasts some amazing action scenes. There are parts of the movie that are just pure eye-candy and it really did take me back to how blown away I was when The Matrix Reloaded came out.

It was also really cool seeing Keanu Reeves as Neo once again. However, it was Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity/Tiffany that I ended up liking the best in the movie. While The Matric Resurrections is an absolute visual spectacle, so much so that I am glad I saw it on the big screen. It was the story that just never clicked for me.

It takes place 60 years after The Matrix Revolutions. Neo/Thomas is living a good life as a video game developer who has created a game based on his feint memories of The Matrix. He has a feeling that things are not quite right with this life he is living and he eventually learns that he is stuck in a new version of The Matrix.

The real driving force of the story is Neo trying to free Tiffany who is actually Trinity from the hold this new Matrix has over her. The idea of this is pretty interesting and I got a real kick out of Neil-Patrick Harris playing The Analyst who is the AI behind this new Matrix. He is not the only new casting to the franchise.

While there are some returning faces such as Jada Pinkett-Smith and Lambert Wilson which is fun. There are way more new faces here such as the recastings of Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Agent Smith (Jonathan Groff). I get why these decisions were made, but as someone who greatly loved the original three movies, I think I would have preferred if they were just flat-out new characters instead of this new take on ones I loved.

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Along with The Analyst, the other new character that I thought was really cool was Buggs who is played by Jessica Henwick. Buggs was a lot of fun and one of the real highlights of the movie for me. There are not any bad performances from the actors here, but the whole plot just felt very meh to me.

As much as I loved The Matrix trilogy I did wonder if The Matrix Resurrections was a movie that needed to happen. After watching it on New Year’s Eve, I have to say that I think The Matrix was something that was probably best left as it was. This is not a horrible movie by any means and the action and some of the characters are great. However, it just feels like there is no need for this movie to actually exist.

The Matrix Resurrections
The Matrix Resurrections is a 2021 science fiction film and fourth movie in the famous series that began in 1999. Download it or steam once it is out.
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