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The wife and I were very excited for The Midnight Club to hit Netflix. We are big horror fans and anything a little spooky is always going to grab our attention. The first couple of trailers that we saw for The Midnight Club looked great and it was a show I was sure that we were both going to enjoy.

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What really had us excited about the show was the people behind it. Mike Flannigan had already impressed the hell out of us with The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor. Add to this that the series is based on the 90s horror story by Christopher Pike and you have all the ingredients for one hell of a good time. I got major “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” vibes from the show which was cool.

So what exactly is The Midnight Club about? I am going to be very careful here and not spoil anything for you guys as it is a really fun mystery. We have this teenager called, Ilonka whose well-planned life is shattered when she finds out she has terminal cancer. In her research, she finds out about a place called, Brightcliffe Hospice where terminally ill teens can go.

She persuades her foster father to let her go and just like Bly Manor and Hill House, Brightcliffe Hospice has just as much of a character as in those two previous shows! One of the things I got a real kick out of is that the head doctor of this place is played by the actress who is Nancy in the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies, that was awesome to see!

Anyway, Ilonka starts to explore the place and she has already learned of its rather strange history that involves stuff like cults and people mysteriously being cured. The treatment at this place is rather unorthodox and the other teenagers who are staying here have a secret club, The Midnight Club!

Ilonka stumbles onto this club one night and becomes a member. There are two rules to being a member of this club. The first rule of The Midnight Club is that you have to tell a scary story. Each night, a different member tells a different scary story and this was a part of the show that I really did enjoy.

However, it is the second rule that is the most alarming. To be in The Midnight Club, you have to be part of a pact where you agree that when you die, you will try and give the rest of the group proof of the afterlife. Ilonka agrees to the two rules and when one of the members, Travis dies, things start to get very spooky.

Basically, we have them trying to figure out what secrets Brightcliffe Hospice is hiding and what is really going on here. It is pretty awesome stuff and you are always left guessing if it is something supernatural, their meds, or something sinister from an actual person. It truly does keep you wondering and that is cool.

Now, I will say that the first couple of episodes are a bit on the slow side, but with episode three, it picks up some real steam. The acting is good, I love the sets that they made and in all, it was a fun time. I do not think I really figured out what was going on until the very end so I give them a ton of credit for that.

This is another solid series for Netflix. While I would not say I enjoyed this as much as I did Hill House or Bly Manor, it was still fun to watch. It has the same kind of vibe as those shows and the way it makes you always wonder what is real and what is not is something I enjoyed greatly.

The Midnight Club (TV series)
The Midnight Club is a 2002 Netflix horror TV series. Download it now and be prepared for a lot of jump scares.
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The Midnight Club (TV series) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I loved the setting of Brightcliffe Hospice
  • It is like a more mature, Are You Afraid of the Dark!
  • You never really know what is going on until the very end
  • Some of these kids are very likable
  • No spoilers, but there is one member of the club, I really do not like!
  • Those first two episodes are a bit on the slow side
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