The Next 365 Days

The fact that I am sitting here writing about a third movie in this franchise legit blows my mind! I know that erotic movies are huge business, more than ever thanks to 50 Shades of Grey, but this trilogy is just straight-up bad. Also, the fact that Netflix has put out three of these movies when so many other great shows have been canceled or movies denied sequels is very frustrating.

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The Movie Review

Like the first two movies, this is a Polish-produced movie about “love & gangsters”. That right there makes this sound so cool, but this is about as far from cool as you can get. Once again, our main characters are the crime boss don Massimo and his wife, Laura. This time around, their love is tested as they struggle to trust each other.

Add to this the dastardly Nacho causing trouble and……, look, I cannot even pretend to care! If you watched the first two movies and liked them, I am certain that you will like what is on offer here. For me, this is no better or worse than the first two movies, actually. I might say it is a tad worse as Massimo seems to have a bit less screen time in this one.

Like the last movie, The Next 365 Days is more concerned with going from one sex scene to the next. The story in between the sex is straight-up bad and more often than not makes very little sense and does nothing to add to the various character’s developments. By the third movie, you should care way more about the relationship between Massimo and Laura.

As far as the way the movie looks goes, it is a nice-looking movie. I am not just talking about the gratuitous sex scenes either. I like the scenery, locations, and the way it is shot and they put together a very good-looking bunch of characters for this movie. It is a movie that is all about eye candy and as a one-off, I can dig that, but this is a freaking trilogy!

I am sure that there have to be some people that enjoy this series ironically and watch them for laughs and giggles. However, I cannot even get any “it is so bad it is good” enjoyment out of these movies. They are straight-up bad and yes, the sex scenes are well done and the clear focus of this, but do you really want to watch the better part of six hours of terrible melodrama to see some sex?

As you can tell, I was not into The Next 365 Days at all. I am also kind of mad that it ends on a cliffhanger so we will probably end up with a fourth one of these! I know that the series of books these movies are based on has its fans, but the movies are not good at all! There are way less time-consuming and frustrating ways to watch people have sex on your TV or computer than sitting through this trilogy!

The Next 365 Days
The Next 365 Days is the third film in the popular series of romance movies that are based on the books by Blanka Lipińska (1985). Download it now.
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The Next 365 Days Review Summary

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  • There is plenty of sex in the movie
  • The scenery and locations look good
  • The cast is very attractive
  • If you liked the last two (for some reason!) you will like this
  • This movie straight-up sucks!
  • They are probably going to make a fourth one!
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