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I have been wanting to write a review about This Is Us for a while, but I decided to wait until the show aired its season finale. This is probably my favorite drama series of all time! I came into this show pretty late and watched it on Disney Plus. The wife and I binged-watched it until we caught up with season 6 and we were hooked on the Pearson family.

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The show is about the Pearson Family. We have a husband and a wife; Jack and Rebecca and their love story is the best that I have ever witnessed in a show. You fall in love with Jack, even with his flaws and Rebecca is the most awesome wife someone could ask for. Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore just nail these roles and make you believe in everything that is happening.

The interesting part about This Is Us is the way that it jumps through time. We get to see Jack and Rebecca start their relationship in the late 70s, have kids, and then experience the joys and heartbreaking tragedies that life throws their way. They have three children and it is really the children that are the focus of the show, The Big Three as they are lovingly referred to.

Rebecca is pregnant with triplets, but sadly one of them dies at birth. Kevin and Kate though do get a third sibling in Randall. Randall was left at a fire station, brought to the hospital the day Kevin and Kate were born and Jack feels a connection and they decide to adopt him.

While the Pearsons are your typical white suburban family, Randall is black. This is a huge part of the show, not just for Randall growing up with a white family, but for Jack and Rebecca understanding that it is different trying to help Randall grow up to be a strong and independent black man than it is raising the other two kids. It is something that is done very, very well and is a focus of the show all the way to the end.

Randall dealing with being adopted is another part of the show that I loved. Seeing Randall find and connect with his birth father, William was truly heartwarming stuff. Kevin is an actor and while he is tall, good-looking, rich, and loved by millions. Kevin has a lot of insecurities and always wants to try and do the right thing and I would have to say that he was my favorite character.

Kate on the other hand has severe weight issues and trouble connecting with her mother and this is another part of the show that I really enjoyed. Seeing Kate find love was a truly fantastic story arc, even if that love did not end the way we might have wanted it to. The Big Three also have their own love and family lives going on.

Kevin finds it hard to let go of his high school sweetheart and Kate finds what seems like the perfect love, but it does not exactly become the fairytale she thought it would be. However, my favorite relationship is between Randall and Beth, Beth is Randall’s wife and she is fantastic, a strong mother, a great wife and she puts up with a lot being married to Randall!

This Is Us as I said earlier jumps through time. While the main story takes place in the present, we jump to the 70s, 80s 90s, and even the future to see the Pearson family drama at different points of their lives. I know it sounds like it would be a confusing mess, but it works perfectly.

The Big Three are played by different young actors as they grow up and they all do a wonderful job. Playing the adult versions of The Big Three are Justin Hartley as Kevin, Sterling K Brown as Randall, and Chrissy Metz as Kate. Honestly, each one of these actors gets their time to shine and all three should have a bunch of awards in their homes!

This Is Us has a truly remarkable cast of characters. Two others I have to give mention to are Toby and Miguel. Toby is Kate’s love interest and Miguel is Jack’s best friend. Miguel would go on to marry Rebecca and when my wife and I saw this our mouths were open and we were kind of mad and disgusted, but this show is so good that by the time the season six episode all about Miguel ended, we had tears running down our cheeks!

While the writing and acting in this show are amazing the sound and visuals on display here are also incredible. From the fashion, cars, and décor of the flashback scenes to the incredible soundtrack, This Is Us is a feast for the eyes and ears just as much as it is your soul!

As you can tell, I loved This Is Us! I hand on heart cannot think of one thing I did not like about this show! Heck, this is an amazing show that even managed to nail the ending and close things out in a very fitting way. All of the episodes are on Disney Plus and Amazon Prime and I highly encourage you to watch them.

This Is Us
This Is Us is a drama series that is sixth-seasons long and counting 106 episodes. Download it now and have a fantastic time watching it.
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This Is Us Review Summary

  • This is one of my favorite TV shows of all time
  • They could not have gotten the casting any more perfect!
  • Each character gets their moment to shine and important story arcs
  • No episodes felt like they were not important
  • This show is going to break your heart!
  • This show is perfect so no cons at all!
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