Trolls Band Together

I have enjoyed the Trolls franchise so far and feel that they are fun family movies (the series is pretty good too) that are great for a family movie night. Trolls Band Together had me really excited before it was released as it was embracing Justin Timberlake’s NSYNC boy band roots which I vividly remember from the late 90s and early 00s.

How to Download Trolls Band Together

Trolls Band Together was released on November 17, 2023. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the current availability. If you like the film, check out Trolls and Trolls World Tour, as well as the TV series Trolls: TrollsTopia.

The Movie Review

Now, before I get into the movie I have to talk about a misconception about Trolls Band Together that was all on me. I saw the trailer and how Branch was part of a boy band and then I saw the stuff with NSYNC getting back together…. I put two and two together and got five as I thought that his brothers in the movie were going to be voiced by the other members of NSYNC.

Missed Opportunity with NSYNC

That is not the case at all and I am not ashamed to admit, I was disappointed by that. I actually feel this was a huge missed opportunity for the movie. Yes, the voice cast is awesome, but it would have been way more fun if they got the other NSYNC guys to voice Branch’s brothers. I will say that it is awesome that NSYNC did make a song for the movie at least.

Fun Plot and Boy Band Flashback

The plot of the movie is fun. At the start of the movie, we find out that Branch along with his brothers, John Dory, Spruce, Clay, and Floyd. They were called BroZone. I got such a kick out of this and thought the way it described the breakup of the band due to their egos was like a classic VH1 Behind the Music special.

A Journey to Save Floyd

Branch and Poppy are living their best life in the present. However, John Dory shows up and tells Branch that Floyd has been kidnapped. Branch, Poppy, Tiny Diamond, and John Dory set off to find the other brothers so that they can go and save Floyd. By the way, the way that Tiny Diamond wants to grow up and be seen as a more serious Troll is hilarious.

Kidnapping and Music Plot

It turns out that Floyd was kidnapped by two wannabe pop stars called, Velvet and Veneer. Velvet and Veneer are Mount Rageon’s and they have been siphoning off Floyd’s essence to make them better singers. Turns out that the only thing that can save Floyd is the perfect family harmony, something BroZone was never able to achieve when they were pop superstars.

A Fun Road Movie

Trolls Band Together is a lot of fun. In many ways, it is a bit like a road movie as the gang heads out on the road to try and talk the other brothers into helping out. There is a bit of a side story with Poppy and a long-lost sister that I feel was tacked on to give Poppy a bit more of a meaningful reason to be part of the story.

Favorite in the Franchise

So far out of the three Trolls movies, Trolls Band Together is my favorite. I had a lot of fun with this and thought the whole boy band thing was hilarious. Like the other movies, this is one that kids will love, but the parents will also have a lot

Trolls Band Together
Trolls Band Together is a fun, family-friendly movie with a boy band twist, featuring Justin Timberlake and an exciting adventure plot. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Trolls Band Together Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The fact that NSYNC got back together to make a song for this is awesome
  • I love how bright and colorful this and the whole series is
  • The whole boyband thing that the movie has going on is hilarious
  • This is a fun movie that the whole family can enjoy
  • If you were not a fan of the other two movies, this is more of the same
  • It was a real missed opportunity to not have the other four members of NSYNC voice the brothers
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