Unsung Hero

Unsung Hero is a faith-based movie that is actually based on a true story. This is the story of the Smallbone family and how they became some of the most acclaimed Christian recording artists of all time. Look, I will be honest with you here, I was not familiar with these people at all.

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The Movie Review

To say I was ignorant of the band For Kings & Country and Rebecca St James is a huge understatement. However, I do like movies based on bands and singers and I thought this could be fun as I had no preconceptions of what the story should have in it. I have seen many faith-based movies over the years and I have never felt that you needed to be a “true believer” to appreciate them and that is the case here with Unsung Hero.

The story of the movie is about the Smallbone family. David Smallbone lives in Australia with his devoted wife Helen and he is a musician. David has a music company in Australia, but it has fallen on hard times. Davide and Helen decide to pack up all their kids and try to make a go of it in Nashville.

Moving to a new country with six kids in tow is not easy that is for sure. We basically see David and Helen doing all they can to make sure that their kids and themselves have a good Christian life. They soon realize that their children have some very special gifts and we get to see them really shine. I will say that I get that David and Helen having so many kids is part of their story, but some of them are kind of just there and do not get much development at all.

I really liked David and Helen as main characters and while some may roll their eyes at some of the stuff that is said and done here. I think if you take the whole faith thing out of it, what you have at the end of the day is a feel-good movie about family. Family, sticking together, being there for each other, and trying to do what you feel is right is what is at the heart of this movie. It is a very uplifting movie and the best compliment I can give it is that it did make me want to go and check out the actual music of For Kings & Country and Rebecca St James too.

Also, while it meant nothing to me as I was not familiar with the artists the movie is based on. David is played by Joel Smallbone, his son and one of the members of For Kings & Country. He also had a hand in the screenplay and in directing the movie so that is something I am sure fans will find very cool.

Look, I cannot say that I would be in a rush to watch Unsung Hero again, but I am glad I took a chance on this. I think if you are a music fan, you will enjoy this even if you are unfamiliar with this family. I will say that I did listen to some of their stuff and I must admit, I did like some of what I was hearing so I would not be against firing it up again on the old Spotify at some point.

Unsung Hero
Unsung Hero is a faith-based film about the Smallbone family's journey from Australia to Nashville, becoming acclaimed Christian artists. Download it.
7.5 Total Score
Unsung Hero Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I was not familiar with this family, but I still enjoyed the movie
  • It is cool how the son of David plays him in the movie
  • This is a feel good movie about family
  • It made me want to listen to their music
  • I liked most of the characters, but there were many characters who were just “there”
  • This is a faith based movie so some may find parts of it preachy
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