War Room

War Room is a Christian faith drama brought to us by The Kendrick Brothers. I was shocked at what a big hit this movie was financially, taking in over 70 million bucks! Christian faith movies are hit or miss for me, but this one here is not bad at all. I would wager most of the brutally negative reviews it has are from people who decided they hated it because it was a faith-based movie before they had even seen it.

How to Download War Room

War Room was released on August 28, 2015. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like to see more Christian films, check out our reviews of The Blind, The Shack, and The Chosen TV series.

The War Room Review – Predictability and Upliftment

Like many Christian movies, War Room is very predictable and after about 10 minutes in, you know exactly where this story is going. That does not make it a bad story at all and by the end of it, it was quite an uplifting and feel-good kind of movie that both my wife and I enjoyed.

The Jordan Family: Central Characters in War Room

The movie is about the Jordan family, no not Mike’s! The Jordan family consists of father and husband Tony, wife, and mother Elizabeth, and their awesome angel of a daughter, Danielle. To people on the outside, this is the perfect family. They have a nice big house, great careers, and are a loving and stable family.

Behind Closed Doors: The Struggles of the Jordan Family

However, behind closed doors, things are not great for the Jordan family. I will not sugarcoat it, Tony is a complete asshole and 100 percent unlikable for the majority of this movie. He is distant and mean to his wife and wants to have an affair and he spends very little time with that sweet daughter of his.

Career and Conflicts: Tony and Elizabeth’s Challenges

Tony has a great career, he works as a salesman for a big drug company and that takes him all over the country. Elizabeth is a really awesome wife and mother and the best character in this movie. She knows that her marriage is hanging on by a thread and she is really down about it as you would expect.

Miss Clara’s Influence: A Turning Point

Elizabeth takes a job trying to sell a house for this nice old lady called Miss Clara. Miss Clara is very devout in her faith and she tells Elizabeth that she has to pray and fight for her marriage. To be honest, some may roll their eyes at this, but it is quite clever. My first instinct was for Elizabeth to kick Tony to the bricks and move on, but the perspective of fighting for marriage and someone you care about was a huge plus in my opinion.

Tony’s Downfall and Realization

Tony’s jerkiness takes a huge step forward during a sales trip. First of all, he tries to pick up a woman and secondly, he gets sacked as it is revealed he has been selling drugs on the side! Tony hits rock bottom, but he realizes what an asshole he has been at home and also at work and he tries to make amends for it with his wife and his work.

Reflections on Tony’s Redemption and The Movie’s Message

Now, I get what they were going for here and it is great that we see Tony realize what a piece of garbage he has been, however, they did such a great job of making him unlikable I had a hard time warming to him. If it was not for the stuff with Tony bonding with Danielle over jump rope, I do not think I would have been won over by his transformation and still yelling at the screen for Elizabeth to leave his cheating drug peddling ass!


War Room is a decent drama and I get that the whole praying and faith thing may not be for everyone, but it is not as on the nose as you would think or some reviews make out. I just think that Tony’s transformation and redemption happen a bit fast and he should have been made to work for it a bit more.

War Room
War Room is a Christian drama about the power of prayer and faith in transforming a troubled family. It emphasizes redemption and resilience. Download it now.
7 Total Score
War Room Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Elizabeth is a sweetheart and a great movie wife!
  • The daughter Danielle is very likable
  • The idea of fighting for your marriage instead of calling it quits was good
  • While it is a Christian movie, it is not in your face like some would make you believe
  • Some people just cannot get over this being a Christian movie!
  • Tony is an asshole and I am not convinced by his redemption!
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