Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Released in 2007 as a straight-to-DVD release, you have no idea how excited I was for Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. This is such a great and fun hillbillies in the woods horror movie. If this kind of stuff is not to your taste, nothing here will change your mind. It is bloody, gross, crude and that is exactly what I love about it.

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The Movie Review

Wrong Turn 2 is actually a sequel to the first, all of the movies (except the 2021 reboot) are connected and that is something I do not think the franchise gets enough credit for. This takes place a little while after the events of the first movie and a TV company is making a survivor style reality show in the woods of West Virginia, it just so happens that they picked the woods where our inbred cannibalistic hillbillies from the first movie live!

Characters and Dynamics in Wrong Turn 2

One thing that I get a huge kick out of each time I see this movie is that the host of this TV show is a former soldier called Dale and he is played by the badass that is Henry Rollins! Our cast of characters is made up of the contestants of the show and the people producing this reality show.

The Diverse Cast

They got the cast right for this movie. You have characters that are likable such as Dale, Amber who was a soldier, Jake a former football player and Mara who was working on the show and had to be a contestant after another one got eaten by the hillbillies before she arrived!

The Thrill and Horror

You also have characters like the very annoying Jonesy who is a skateboarder, slutty chick Elena and scumbag producer M. You have a mixture of characters that you want to see try and fight to survive as well as characters that you hope the hillbillies manage to get their hands on. It is something that I do not think the movie gets enough credit for.

The Villains

Three Finger from the first movie along with some new inbred hillbilly characters called Ma, Pa, Sister, and Brother start stalking these reality TV folks and things get very bloody! Dale is a total badass and he puts up one hell of a fight against this messed up family.

Unique Elements of Wrong Turn 2

While Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is a very similar movie to the first, I do think it does some stuff to stand out. They explain this family a bit more and let us know why they are the way that they are. This sets things up for later movies and it does help you get more invested in what is going down.

The gore and violence here are a bit more extreme than in the first movie, but there are some times you can tell that this clearly had a much lower budget. It is never bad or anything like that, it just lacks a bit of polish that the first movie had. Still, some of the kills here are some of the most memorable of the series, Henry Rollins being an expert with explosives should give you an idea of what to expect.

Personal Reflections

Before I conclude my thoughts on the movie I have a personal story about this to tell you. The day that I picked this up, my future mother in law was staying for the weekend and she said that this movie sounded “fun”. We watched it and to this day she brings up how the “baby” in this movie traumatized her and she could not sleep. I still send her pictures of this baby on WhatsApp every now and again and she still freaks out!

Final Thoughts

After watching these all again recently, I would say that I do prefer Wrong Turn 2: Dead End slightly over the first. It has an unfair reputation as some straight to DVD garbage and that is not the case at all. This is a fun inbred cannibal walk through the woods and well worth your time.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is a gory survival horror where contestants on a reality show face off against cannibalistic hillbillies. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • They have some likable characters here that you want to survive
  • They also have some horrible characters you want to see get killed!
  • There are some very gruesome and messed up scenes in this movie!
  • It has Henry Rollins in it and that is awesome!
  • You can tell it has a lower budget than the first movie
  • Like the rest of the series, we are still waiting for a 4K release of this
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