Wrong Turn (2021)

I know this might sound crazy, but I legit believe that my wife and I are the biggest fans of the Wrong Turn franchise. Back when we were dating during university, we saw the original in the movie theatre. The franchise would then get five sequels, all of which were released direct to DVD/streaming and they were all fun in their own way.

How to Stream or Download Wrong Turn

You can stream it or you can download the film from a digital store. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. if you like horror movies check out also our reviews of Halloween Kills and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Movie Review

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort was released all the way back in 2014 and I have to be honest and say that I thought the franchise was dead. However, it was revealed that Wrong Turn would be back with a “reboot” that would take the series in a different direction. Alan B. McElroy who wrote the original movie’s script was on hand here so that got me pretty excited.

Exploring the Wrong Turn Series

In case you do not know, let me tell you about what the Wrong Turn series is about. It is basically about backwoods inbred folks who hunt and murder people who come into their woods. The different movies have their own take on this thing, with some even being related to each other. However, the whole deranged backwoods killer was the premise in some way for all of the movies.

Wrong Turn 2021: A Shift in Direction

Wrong Turn 2021, but the way in certain parts of the world, the movie is called Wrong Turn: The Foundation and that is much better than just calling it Wrong Turn. The movie is once again set in the woods, a group of hikers are going along the Appalachian Trail and they accidentally trespass onto the land of a community that is known as The Foundation.

A Different Kind of Antagonist

Things in the movie are quite different from what you may expect from this franchise. Unlike the previous Wrong Turn movies, the community here is not full of inbred backwoods types missing teeth with superhuman strength and an unnatural tolerance for pain, and a thirst for blood.

The Foundation’s Unsettling Reality

Instead, The Foundation is a community that likes to think of themselves as being more real, more family-oriented, and away from the temptations and stresses of the real world. It is a stark contrast to the people we are used to being the antagonists of the Wrong Turn series. The Foundation is led by a man called Venable who is pretty damn terrifying.

A Twisted Perspective: The Foundation’s Role

I think that the scariest aspect of Wrong Turn: The Foundation is that the people who are the bad guys are technically not the bad guys. I do not want to go into spoilers here, but there is a massive misunderstanding that gets completely out of control and while The Foundation are not squeaky clean and what you would call “good” they are not just bloodthirsty killers like we are used to with this series.

Evolving Impressions

To be honest with you the first time I saw this movie, I did not like it. It was far too different from what I expected from a movie with the Wrong Turn name, but I have watched it twice since I initially saw it and I have liked it a bit better each time. I think it was quite a brave decision to reboot the series in such a different way and I hope that this is not the end of the Wrong Turn franchise.

Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn is a 2021 reboot of the famous series of horror films that were initiated by the movie of the same title in 2003. Download it now.
8 Total Score
Wrong Turn Review Summary

  • The antagonists are very different from what we are used to in this series
  • There are some very brutal and bloody deaths
  • The leader of The Foundation can be bone-chilling when he talks
  • I think this was a pretty brave way to reboot a long-running franchise
  • It may be a bit too different from what you are used to from Wrong Turn
  • I hate how they just called the movie “Wrong Turn” in some parts of the world, it leads to confusion with the 2003 movie!
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