Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

I loved the first two Wrong Turn movies, but Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is easily my least favorite in the franchise. This was a 2009 straight to DVD release and as a huge fan of the other two, it was a day one pick up for me. I would not say that it is a terrible movie, but it feels even lower budget than the second one.

How to Download Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead was released on October 20, 2009. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Also, check out our reviews of Wrong Turn (2003) and Wrong Turn 2: Dead End.

The Movie Review

The movie starts with us once again in the woods of West Virginia. A young woman called Alex is on a rafting trip with her friends when an inbred cannibal from the other two movies, Three Finger shows up and kills them all, but Alex manages to get away. The movie then jumps away from the woods and we end up at a prison.

Plot and Setting

Things are tense in the prison as big-time gangster, Carlos Chavez is being transported to a new prison. There are three prison officers, one undercover officer, and three other inmates as well on the prison transport bus. They decide to take a shortcut through a road that has an old abandoned paper mill, but they end up falling into a trap set by Three Finger and the prison transport bus ends up off the road.

Special Effects

As much as I love the Wrong Turn franchise, I will admit that there are some very ropey special effects. At the top of the poor special effects list is the bus when it is flipping over, it looks so bad, that it borders on being a parody. Still, it is so bad that it is very cheesy and I kind of get a kick out of it.

The Survival Challenge in the Woods

They end up in the woods and Three Finger along with his nephew Three Toes the baby from Wrong Turn 2, start stalking them through the woods. There is a bit of a twist here in that they come across an old abandoned van in the woods that has tons of cash in it! The prisoners end up getting the upper hand and force the guards to carry all of the money.

Character Dynamics in Wrong Turn 3

Eventually, they meet up with Alex and she tries to tell them what is going on, but they do not listen. There are a couple of cool scenes in the movie, Carlos using Three Toes as a warning to Three Finger is pretty brutal and kind of awesome stuff! What we pretty much have for 80 of the 90 minutes is the character walking around the woods and never actually getting anywhere.

The woods look creepy and you kind of never know when Three Finger will show up next. One clever thing I will give them credit for is that Carlos and some of the other prisoners (the Nazi one for example) are such horrible characters, you are rooting for Three Finger to get them. However, unlike the last movie, the “good” characters here, Alex, Nate, and Brandon never really warmed to me, especially with the out of nowhere, no sense ending!

The Final Verdict

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is not a horrible movie, but if I were ranking these it would not even be a question of if this would be at the bottom of the list. I do think it is worth watching if you are going to watch the whole franchise. However, while it has some good moments, it has a lot of just wandering around the woods as well.

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is a film in which a prison transport falls prey to a cannibal in the woods, mixing survival horror with prison drama. Download it now.
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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • You get to see the “smarts” of Three Finger with his traps
  • The twist with them finding the cash was kind of interesting
  • There are some brutal moments in the movie such as what happens to Three Toes!
  • The low budget nature of it gives it a bit of cheesy charm
  • It feels like they are walking around the same section of woods for most of the movie
  • While not bad, it is my least favorite of the entire franchise
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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