Bad Bunny feat. Drake – Mia

Mia is a downloadable Spanish hip-hop dance song by Bad Bunny featuring Drake. The song was officially released on 11th October 2018 by OVO Sound and Warner Bros. Records Inc. This is the first song for Drake where he particularly gets to sing in Spanish completely. Mia is a fun song which talks about admiring and loving a woman as well as encouraging her to ignore her other admirers. The song is available to play through digital download.

How to Download Mia by Bad Bunny featuring Drake

Mia can be downloaded from a variety of digital distribution stores. For example, you can get the song from iTunes. If you like the Drake, the famous rapper features on this song be sure also to listen to and download his hit In My Feelings.

The Song Review

Bad Bunny feat. Drake – Mia: the Lyrics Analysis

The Spanish word Mia translates to mine in English. The song, through its lyrics, explains the value of the woman that a person loves. Mia starts off as both Bad Bunny and Drake sing about how so many admirers are after the woman they love.

This is followed by the pre-choir where the duo sing as to how explicitly everyone wants to have their woman but they, in turn, want her to reject everyone else. The chorus is sung in an entertaining manner as the translated lyrics state “Tell him that you are mine, mine, You know that you are mine, mine”.

The latter part of the song consists of solo vocals by Bad Bunny as he complements the woman in terms of her physical appearance, thereby motivating her to stay with him and only him. The lyrics, in general, mainly focus on a woman that is attractive in their perspective.

The Music Video

The music video begins with Bad Bunny, along with numerous performers, entering into what seems like a block party. The environment described seems rather relaxed with everyone in the background dancing and having fun.

Following this, Drake makes his appearance by coming out of a white car and playing board dominos with Bad Bunny, singing along to the tune in parallel. The sequence then focuses on both of them as they stand in the middle of the party and begin to sing together.

Meanwhile, performers in the background can be seen dancing along, doing the hookah, or simply standing and admiring their performance. Bad Bunny then joins the crowd by engaging them with his own slow dance moves.

The surprising aspect of the film video is that the background audience includes people of all ages. Where young people can be seen dancing together, the sequence also sheds light on the elderly who seem to be having just as much as fun as the rest of the crowd.

The sequence comes to an end as Bad Bunny smokes out a puff before the camera focuses on a badge which states Puerto Rico.

Who’s Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican singer who gained popularity through SoundCloud. His song, Diles, caught him attention from DJ Luian who signed him up to his record label.

From there on out, Bad Bunny released songs that topped multiple charts including Soy Peor. Eventually, more artists became interested in collaborating with him which led him to release hit songs including Tu No Metes Cabra, Sensualidad, and I Like It.

Overall, Mia is a catchy song which managed to reach number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Bad Bunny feat. Drake – Mia
Mia is a song in Spanish performed by Bad Bunny and Drake. Download it and watch the outdoor night party video. And sing: "tú eres mía, mía".


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