BEBE – 6ix9ine ft. Anuel AA

BEBE is a downloadable tropical dance song by 6ix9ine featuring Anuel AA. The song was officially released on 31st August 2018. BEBE is a very popular song that is quite vulgar and bold in both its lyrics and video.

How to Download BEBE by 6ix9ine ft. Anuel AA

To download the song hit the Download link located below the review.

The Song Review

The Lyrics

The lyrics of the song encourage a fictional woman to cheat on her boyfriend and leave him to engage in sexual encounters with other men. The song was quite anticipated, especially after the release of 6ix9ine’s previous populous song called Fefe which featured Nicki Minaj (if you want to check out other songs by the latter go for example for the downloadable Goodbye with Jason Derulo, Woman Like Me with Little Mix or the most recent at the time of writing Dip with Tyga).

BEBE is available to play on most major platforms and can be streamed through digital download as well.

BEBE is a song that is quite explicit and obscene in its nature. It is completely sung in Spanish so most of 6ix9ine’s followers have little to no idea as to what the lyrics relate to.

The song begins with 6ix9ine encouraging the girl to come over and go crazy with him and the rest, thereby leaving her boyfriend because he does not satisfy her well enough.

This is explained in the following verses “Your man loves you but you but you’re unfaithful because you’re a devil inside a woman, and when the sun hides you want to drink, daughter of Lucifer”.

The pre-chorus is Anuel AA describing the woman and his lust for her. The main chorus brings together the duo as they encourage the woman and invite her over to engage is sexual acts with them whilst having drinks at the same time.

The latter part of the song describes the sexual acts that the duo tends to perform with the woman. It describes the details of the process and climatic results that is getting them excited.

BEBE – 6ix9ine ft. Anuel AA: the Video

The music video begins with a female swimsuit model walking along the sea. This is followed up with 6ix9ine making his appearance by getting intimate with the woman.

The lyrics of the song relate to this particular female model who is shown as having fun and enjoying on the beach with the rest. Meanwhile, Anuel debuts as well with her exclusive model in a red swimsuit. The sequence progresses with the duo becoming more obscene in their actions to a point, where the video editors have to blur out a certain aspect of the video due to nudity.

The song is displayed in a tropical beach where all the performers can be seen taking part in a bold beach party. The sequence ends in a similar fashion as to how it began, with the camera displaying a closeup of the same model who appeared initially.

Who is Tekashi 6ix9ine?

6ix9ine, originally named Daniel Hernandez, is an American rapper. He became just recently popular in 2017 after the release of his debut single Gummo.

69x9ine is majorly known for his unique appearance as well as his musical style which revolves around women, drinks, and lust. 6ix9ine has been criticized by many individuals due to his content, particularly his rapping style.

Legal Issues

In his personal life, 6ix9ine has also been accused of being a child offender after pleading guilty to the use of a 13-year-old girl in a sexual performance. On November 18, 2018, the musician was arrested again. He faces federal charges which include racketeering (involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods street gang) and firearms charges (armed robbery).

The Bottom Line

Overall, BEBE is a glittery song that may appeal to the fans. The video is colorful and interesting featuring a lot of beautiful women.

BEBE – 6ix9ine Ft. Anuel AA
BEBE is a song by the American rapper Daniel Hernandez (1996) and Puerto Rican rapper Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago Mendez Gonzale (1992). Download it and listen to the video.
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