Little Mix – Woman Like Me ft. Nicki Minaj

Little Mix – Woman Like Me ft. Nicki Minaj is a downloadable pop and reggae fusion song by Little Mix featuring Nicki Minaj. The song was released on 12th October 2018 by Syco Music. It is the lead single taken from their upcoming fifth album LM5 which is set to be released on 16th November 2018. The song became a hit soon after its release as it managed to break into the top 5 barrier in several countries including UK, Scotland, and Ireland.

How to Download Little Mix – Woman Like Me ft. Nicki Minaj

To download the song you need to click the Download link placed at the bottom of this review. The song is available on the iTunes platform.

And if you like Nicki Minaj you should also listen to and download her other songs, for example Bed, Barbie Dreams, and Goodbye where she performs with Jason Derulo.

The Song Review

The song in its true essence talks about women empowerment and how women need to embrace their mistakes and insecurities without having to fear anyone. Woman Like Me is officially available to play through digital download.

The band Little Mix is majorly famous because of their stance on feminism. Quite similar to their previous singles, Woman Like Me firmly stands on the foundation as to how women are just as strong and passionate as anyone else.

The Lyrics of Woman Like Me

The lyrics sing about how women should accept themselves and be happy with how they are. The sequence also features a form of satire as the girls sing about how they all desire a man that they are comfortable with, and whether such a man even exists considering how recent events have unveiled the true evil nature of a lot of individuals.

One of the main aspects of the lyrics is how it allows girls to truly express themselves openly to the world. They go against all stereotypes by singing about how they eat a lot, do not have to maintain their standard skinny structures, and can undoubtedly make mistakes.

The latter part consists of vocals from Nicki Minaj as she praises women for being themselves.

Little Mix – Woman Like Me ft. Nicki Minaj: the Music Video

The video sequence begins as Little Mix can be seen sitting in a van and singing to the tune. The surroundings of the song constantly switch from one vibe to another.

The girls can be seen in synch with each other as far as the performance is concerned. There are a few specific shots including the one where they stand together and dance while they balance books on their heads.

This balancing of books indicates that women do not need to fit certain criteria to look elegant as they are perfect in their own unique way regardless of their bodies and habits.

Other unladylike shots include one of the performers making coffee and adding a high amount of sugar in it, having trouble ironing and vacuuming, and eating together in a table. This is followed up by Nicki Minaj who appears as a portrait in the musical sequence. The ending sequence includes Little Mix members being gathered together as they portray themselves individually in different getups and dresses.

The Summary

Overall, Woman Like Me is an inspirational and motivational song for all the girls out there who try to adjust themselves according to the standards set by a stereotypical society.

It encourages girls to love themselves and be satisfied with who they are. Lastly, it questions the nature of men as to whether they have the guts to fall in love with a woman who goes against the society.

Little Mix – Woman Like Me ft. Nicki Minaj
Woman Like Me is a song by the British girl group Little Mix, which consists of Perrie Edwards (1993), Jesy Nelson (1991), Leigh-Anne Pinnock (1991), and Jade Thirlwall (1992) with a guest appearance by the American rapper Nicki Minaj (1982). Download it now.


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