The song we discuss today continues with the love theme—being in love, falling in love. If you are a fan of one romantic lyric following another, you will love this song. DNA was released in 2017 as part of the Love Yourself: Her album by the band. It showcases upbeat, pop, and romanticized lyrics. The song was recorded in Japanese and Korean languages as a combined collaboration from the Universal Music Japan and Big Hit labels. DNA is written by Suga, KASS, RM, and Supreme Boi. Let’s begin by learning the song’s focal meaning.

How to Download BTS – DNA

You can download the song from a digital store. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also other hits by the same band – Butter and Boy with Luv.

The Song Review

DNA by BTS – the Lyrics

DNA by BTS defeats the idea of love at first sight as a tale. The song celebrates it as a real-life occurrence that many of us face. The lyrics mention the feeling of meeting that special someone and instantly falling in love is unmatched. They realize turning the concept into a song has been done countless times before. However, they wanted to share their perspective on it.

The lyrics portray a generalized story of a man and a woman who trust that the universe put them on the same routine because they belong together. They could’ve been anywhere else in the world, yet they bumped into each other randomly.

The lyrics imply the love the man experiences or has for his partner comes directly from the DNA. And since DNA is a cell that transfers genetic data to other cells, the man is making a statement that love represents his being, his existence.

From the woman’s perspective, the lyrics represent security. It is a promise that her partner is committed and loyal. There are no manipulative games or emotional abuse. The man has dedicated their life to their partner, which is evident in the lyrics “”geokjeonghaji ma love I modeun geon uyeoni aninikka”.

The song bridge further emphasizes the idea of the perfect love. In this part of the song, the man is asking to forgo the idea of looking for someone else.He knows they will be together till the end of time. The previous relationships she was in were baseless and meaningless. The present partner, the man, is her past, present, and future.

DNA by BTS Video

The video begins with white embossed credits as with any other BTS song. It proceeds to zoom in on a band member with chemistry compounds diagrams in the bank ground. Immediately, the setting changes to a graphic set with an optical illusion.

At this time, the BTS band members are collectively singing and performing. K-pop is known for its synchronized dancing, and this video is no different. The boys are dressed in casual clothing with acid wash jeans, colorful sweaters, or hoodies. Even though their way of dressing is different, it is a correct representation of their personality.

BTS perform hip-hop dance moves through the video. The settings remain colorful to mimic the joy and happiness the love brings into someone’s life. Colour explosions in the background with 3D illusions help the transition.

The latter half of the video takes an individualistic approach. Jin appears on a stage surrounded by galactic nebulas with a yellow and purple background. He is wearing a color red floral t-shirt with earrings. Jungkook is the next band member to take center stage. He wears black and white to match the background.

The band members directly look into the camera lens as if they are talking to the audience. The last setting is a stripped black and white stage with a futuristic feel. The video concludes with BTS forming a single file queue.

DNA by BTS Celebrates the Intimacy in Love

The song was welcomed by critics who were fans of the lyrics and the production. They appreciated the direction music was being taken by the band. In case you were wondering, DNA by BTS is the perfect background addition to a romantic dinner for two!

DNA is a hit song by the highly popular South Korean boy band BTS. Download it now and have a wonderful time.
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