Chino y Nacho – Andas En Mi Cabeza ft. Daddy Yankee

Andas en mi Cabeza was released in 2016 from the Viaje a 2016 album. The song was written by Miguel Ignacio, Daddy Yankee, and Mendoza. Machete Music released the song when Chino y Nacho broke up as an homage to their success. The band also performed the song once at the Radio Universo Tour.

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The Song Review

Andas En Mi Cabeza – the Video

The opening credits cover the initial frame and fade into a balcony. The weather is warm and beautiful, with a couple resting outside. The man has tied a knot to the ring finger of his missus and slowly unraveled the yarn throughout the house. The missus wakes up and follows the lead, climbing down the stairs.The video concludes with a diamond ring swooped across the thread and perfectly fits her finger.

A couple gets proposed at a scenic beach location in a separate frame. On the other hand, a man proposes to his partner by taking a dip in the marina. Some similar joyful occasions are portrayed throughout the music video.

At the same time, the three singers switch between different locations, including a cathedral, a nursery, and outside modern skyscrapers.

Play the Song when Life Seems Bleak

Andas en mi Cabeza is an optimistic song that will put you in the right mind to look forward to future events. If you have been feeling down recently, simply watch the video. It will definitely put a smile on your face by celebrating  someone’s milestones.

About the Artists

Chino y Nacho

The Venezuelan duo, JesusAlberto Miranda Perez and Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, was created in 2010.They are the winners of the Latin Grammy Award for the Best Urban Music Album. However, before Chino y Nacho, the boys were in a band called Calle Ciega—this was the launch of their music career.

Calle Ciega released five albums with hit singles, including Mi Cachorrita. The songs were viral in Venezuela and her surrounding countries. Unfortunately, Miguel and Alberto faced significant competition for airtime from 3 Duenos.

Chino y Nacho sang many genres, though most were from the reggaeton and salsa. However, eventually, the band stopped releasing singles and broke up. Calle Ciega formed two bands, Los Cadillacs and Chino Y Nacho, which released the first album in 2008. Eight years later, in 2016, rumors started spreading Chino y Nacho had broken.

The stories gained traction when the band appeared at the Premio Lo Nuestro award without their manager. A press release was distributed, mentioning Chinowill continue with his music career while Nacho has decided to spend time with his family.

Daddy Yankee

Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez was born on 3rd February 1977 to Ramon Ayala and Rosa Rodriguez. Music was in his blood since his mother’s family came from a long line of musicians. He calls San Juan, Puerto Rico, his hometown while learning music from his older brother, Nomar Ayala.

When growing up, he was clearly interested in music which was secondary to his love of baseball. He would watch music videos on the drive to school every day.

Alas, playing baseball professionally would stay a dream when he caught a bullet between a gang firing. Rodriguez is very thankful for the incident. It helped him focus on his career, spirituality, and mending relationships with the family.

Daddy Yankee has been singing since he was 13. He was immensely inspired by the music scene in Puerto Rico. Due to his hard work, he set up El Cartel Records at the young age of 21. Daddy Yankee entered the mainstream media in 2004 with the song Gasolina.

He was mentioned among the most 100 influential musicians in 2006 when he released Despacito in 2006. The song soared to the charts in 50 countries. Furthermore, it is the most-watched video on YouTube ever.

Chino y Nacho - Andas En Mi Cabeza ft. Daddy Yankee
Andas En Mi Cabeza (You Walk in my Head in English) is a song by Chino y Nacho featuring Daddy Yankee. Download it now.
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