Daddy Yankee – Dura

Sometimes you wish to listen to music to lift your mood and spirits even when you do not understand the lyrics. Don’t be sorry if Spanish is not your primary language. Dura by Daddy Yankee will make you forget of the bad days.

The Daddy Yankee song Dura is about praising a good-looking woman. The rapper has set his eyes on her and does not seem to pull away. When we translate the term Dura from Spanish to English, it means “hard.” The lyrical context implies looking at someone as a potential romantic interest.

How to Download Daddy Yankee – Dura

You can download the song from Apple Music or from Amazon Music. Check out also other song by Daddy Yankee – Con Calma with Snow, Despacito with Louis Fonsi, and Made For Now (with Janet Jackson).

The Song Review

The song was released in 2018 and later launched a campaign on Instagram with the hashtag #Dura challenge. The hashtag encouraged the audience to upload dance videos with the song playing in the background. The campaign was successful worldwide, with international fans listening and jamming to the Latin music hit.

The song soared to fandom in many countries, including Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Spain. Later on, a remix version was also released by singers Becky G, Natti Natasha, and Bad Bunny.

About the Artist Daddy Yankee
It may surprise you, but Daddy Yankee is not his actual name. It is a stage title for the Puerto Rican-born singer, rapper, actor, and songwriter. Daddy Yankee’s creativity further shines by creating a new form of music.

His actual name is Ramon Ayala, who reached fame based on his contemporary interpretation of reggaeton music. His music heavily incorporates hip-hop and reggae. His music career took to a pause when he was a victim of bullet wounds at the age of seventeen.

Daddy Yankee took a year and a half to completely heal, where he would spend time listening and composing songs. However, the close call to death motivated him with a renewed love of music.

The Album Con Calma & Mis Grandes Exitos was released in 2019 in the European continent. It was marketed by El Cartel Records with the reggaeton music with songs filled with pop, Latin, and reggae music. The song Dura is number three on the list with a duration of three minutes and twenty seconds.

Dura by Daddy Yankee – the Video

The song title appears in the first frame with an ombre color scheme over a graffiti wall. We see an antique teal Cadillac. Two men are standing outside an apartment building. Most likely, they are background dancers. These dancers appear shirtless, wearing shades and trousers to mesh well with the colorful background and graffiti.

The camera switches to Daddy Yankee sitting in the car’s back seat. He is wearing a striped tracksuit with a chain around his neck and glasses. We see umbrellas hanging upside down. The singer is surrounded by beautiful girls wearing loud colors. Their hair is braided back with minimum makeup for glowing and glassy skin.

Daddy Yankee sings while the location switches between warehouses or decorated streets. The background is filled with graffiti and picture frames of different cities and streets from around the world. A few pineapples are hanging from strings in a few frames too.

Dura continues to play in the background. At the same time, the dancers switch to dancing in an abandoned RV and around the teal Cadillac mentioned earlier. The background dancers step close to Daddy Yankee one by one. They display individual dance moves while he continues singing.

The Best Occasion to Play/Listen to Dura?

Dura by Daddy Yankee is a cheerful song that will surely put you in the mood to dance a few moves by yourself. The song is constantly playing in the background during clubs or parties as it mirrors life and letting loose.

Daddy Yankee - Dura
Dura is a reggaeton song by Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez (1976) known as Daddy Yankee. Download it now and have fun.
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