Natti Natasha & Ozuna – Criminal

Criminal is one of the biggest Spanish bangers. This hit number is a collaboration between the Puerto Rican vocalist Ozuna and Dominican star Natti Natasha. It was directed by Nuno Gomes and was shot in a real but abandoned female prison in Vega Alta in Puerto Rico. The criminal was released on August 18, 2017, with a music video, on YouTube. The song became a massive hit.

On YouTube, it has been viewed by over a whopping 2.3 billion times. Moreover, it is one of the most-watched music videos by a female singer in the year 2017.

How to Download Natti Natasha & Ozuna – Criminal

You can download the song from iTunes. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also other songs by Natti Natasha like Obsesión,No Me Acuerdo, or Sin Pijama or by Ozuna – Te Bote Remix, Vaina Loca, Imposible, and Taki Taki.

The Song Review

Criminal gained enormous commercial success shortly after its release. Although the song is in Spanish, still its popularity skyrocketed. Due to its Spanish perfection and success, it was placed at No. 17 on the Top 20 Best Latin Songs of 2017.

Moreover, it received an honorary mention and rank of Idolator’s List of the Best Latin Pop Songs of 2017. The MTV Millennials Awards and Soberano Awards nominated it for the Collaboration of the Year Award. It won the latter. In addition to that, Criminal bagged a BMI Latin Award for the category Award-Winning Song. Plus, it received a nomination by the Heat Latin Music Awards for Collaboration of the Year category.

The Immediate Catchiness!

Critics at various media houses reviewed Criminal positively.

Billboard referred to the song as “Sexy without being vulgar” and wrote, “immediate catchiness made it a YouTube sensation.” They further added, “Not your everyday fast pumping reggaeton record, but a criminally slow-grinding jam.”

People at Maxim found Criminal “Contagious.” They further wrote, “Even if you are a non-Spanish speaker, just try resisting the urge to sing the ‘muy criminal’ laden chorus.”

Overall, the song is catchy and truly contagious. Although the track is in Spanish, it can still keep you hooked.

This pop number is powered by a jaw-dropping music video. Let us talk about that now.

Criminal — Music Video

The striking video was directed by the ace Venezuelan director Nuno Gomes. The video got authentic due to one factor. The music video was shot in a real yet abandoned women’s prison located in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. This gave the video the touch of originality. The concept of Criminal’s music video drew inspiration from Lady Gaga’s popular music video, Telephone. This music video now stands with over 2.3 billion views on YT.

Let us now talk about what happens in the video.

Natasha plays a criminal who is dressed boldly. She is being escorted to the prison cells. On the other hand, Ozuna is a prison director. It seems like he is already waiting for Natasha to arrive.

From here, the video takes a new turn. Onwards, Natasha shows us some good and sensual moves as she dances for Ozuna. The shots are taken in various spots inside the prison.

The video concludes with Natasha sitting in an electronic shock chair. At that point, Ozuna heads to her to kiss. As they kiss, both are struck by a severe electrical shot, and they vanish. The video ends, and an empty electric chair is seen.

This music video went on to become the 8th most viewed Spanish language video on YT. Plus, it was the first-ever massive hit for both Ozuna and Natasha. Billboard listed the video at No. 11, on the list of Top 25 Sexiest Latin Music Videos. That was so on point, as it is such a steamy number. There is sensuality and seductive beauty in the music video.

Criminal – Music

In a word, it is a reggaeton track with incredible drum programming. Plus, there is a forceful bass pattern. It also falls in the dancehall genre.

Natti Natasha & Ozuna - Criminal
Criminal is a 2017 song by Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista (1986) and Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (1992). Download it now.
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