Natti Natasha – Obsesión

Obsesión is a Latin Urban Spanish song performed by Natti Natasha. The song is produced by Gaby Music and is a single taken from Natasha’s latest album called ilumiNATTI. Released on 22nd March 2019, Obsesión is a song which relates to Natasha seducing numerous men through her body. She blatantly talks about how she has the potential to control them by creeping up into their minds and making them their slaves.

How to Download Obsesión by Natti Natasha

Obsesión can be downloaded from iTunes. If you like Natti, you should also check out and download her other songs No Me Acuerdo with Thalía and Sin Pijama with Becky G. To proceed, click on the button below the song review.

The Song Review

The lyrics for the song begin with Natasha claiming that men have an obsession for her which cannot be described in words. She talks about the power that she has over them such that they would suffer if she ever decides to leave them. The chorus is played right at the beginning where she sings about men simply dying to be with her no matter what it would take.

Natasha then continues on to describe the secret which makes her so dominant over males. She claims that the way she treats them is what makes them want her even more. The main source of her power lies in her physical body which completely seduces even the toughest of men. She sings I know that my body puts you in tension, He doesn’t wanna leave my room (na, ah), That I put you in disarray I am your downfall (your downfall, baby)”.

In the latter part of the song, Natasha sings how men claim that she is everything they ever needed in their lives. She then continues to claim how she can make them do whatever she desires. By claiming power over men, she believes she is in complete control and can become the source of their happiness as well as their suffering if she ever decides to simply leave them.

Lyrically, the song is bold and arrogant as Natasha mainly talks about the power of lust which makes her dominant over others. She brags about her body and claims how it has the influence to control men in any way she desires.

The Video

The official music video for the song is backed up by the lyrical theme. It begins with Natasha appearing and walking on the red carpet, surrounded by her fans. The sequence then proceeds and focuses on three different men, each belonging to three different countries namely, San Juan, Tokyo, and New York. It becomes easily noticeable how all three men, despite belonging to different countries and ethnicities, become obsessed with Natasha such, that they begin to hallucinate images of her in their heads. In each case, Natasha can be seen seducing the man in each case.

The music video ends with all three of the men coming back to their senses and realizing that they were only under the illusion that Natasha was in front of them. In what seems to be a humorous moment, the colleague of one of the men begins to stare at him as he watches him stare blankly towards the sky.

Overall, Obsesión is a bold and catchy song which, more or less, displays the power of a woman and the influence she can have on others.

Natti Natasha - Obsesión
Obsesión is a song by Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista (born in 1986). Download it now to listen to her mesmerizing voice.


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