Mayores – Becky G ft. Bad Bunny

Mayores is a reggaeton song performed by Becky G featuring Bad Bunny. The title of the song is in Spanish which translates to “the older man”. It is written by Mario Caceres, Jorge Fonseca, Patrick Ingunza, Saul Castillo, Servando Primera, and Benito Martinez. It was officially released on 14th July 2017 by Kemosabe Records, RCA Records, and Sony Music Latin.

How to Download Mayores by Becky G and Bad Bunny

The song can be download from iTunes, If you’re a Becky G fan check out also her performance with Natty Natasha: Sin Pijama. If you want to listen more to Bad  Bunny, check out his hit song featuring Drake –Mia.

The Song Review

Mayores, after its release, became an instant hit. The song managed to top the charts of several countries including El Salvador, Spain, Ecuador, and Chile. In an interview, Becky explained how the song was initially written as a joke which targeted her relationship with Sebastian Lletget, who is four years older than her.

Mayores – the Lyrics

The lyrics to the song are quite bold, but not explicit in nature. Mayores begins with Becky describing her likes and dislikes and the specific traits that she likes to see in a man. As the title suggests, one of those features includes the man being older than her.

She blatantly states how she does not care about what others might think as her likings are clear and specific. The main chorus extends Becky’s preferences as she additionally sings how she also prefers the kind of men who send her flowers and gives her a good time both on and off the bed.

In the second half of the song, Becky is lyrically joined in by Bad Bunny who portrays himself as the older man that she dreams of. He takes up on Becky’s offer by promising her adventures that will inevitably drive her crazy. The two then sing along together until the song comes to a close.

The Video

In contrast to the lyrics, the music video for Mayores is quite unique relatively. It begins with Becky and Bad Bunny featuring together as they can be seen hanging out in a bar. There, Becky notices a rich man, older in age, as she begins to tease him. The man accepts Becky’s offer as the two then become intimate with each other.

In between the sequence, Becky and Bad Bunny can be seen dancing together on top of a roof. Meanwhile, the man eventually takes Becky to his house where the two prepare to become more intimate with each other. Becky teases the man whilst cleverly managing to handcuff him to his bed.

In what seems to be a plot twist, Becky takes off a gold watch from the man’s hand as she walks out with a bag full of money and jewelry. The music video ends with Becky meeting up with Bad Bunny as the two kiss and ride off in his car.

The Song Success

According to Becky herself, the song stemmed from her own personal experience as it made her realize that going out with older men is not a crime. She further describes a feeling of inner satisfaction after having to release the song.

Commercially, Mayores did exceptionally well. The official YouTube video of the song managed to gain over 1 billion views in January 2019. This makes it Becky’s most-watched video.

Mayores – Becky G ft. Bad Bunny
Mayores is a fantastic and catchy song in Spanish performed by the American singer Rebbeca Marie Gomez (1997) and the Puerto Rican singer Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (1994). Download it now.
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