Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma

Con Calma is a dancehall song performed by Daddy Yankee featuring vocals from the popular rapper known as Snow. The song is produced by Play-N-Skillz and was officially released on 24th January 2019. It talks about describing a woman who can dance really well, thereby using her skills to seduce others.

How to Download Con Calma

Con Calma can be downloaded from iTunes. If you like to listen to more songs by DY, check out also Despacito with Luis Fonsi or Made For Now with Janet Jackson. The song is not to be confused with Calma by Pedro Capó and Farruko.

The Song Review

Con Calma became a commercial success soon after its release. The song managed to top the charts in numerous countries including Spain, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala, and Bolivia. The song was deemed as Snow’s comeback as it became his first song to peak at 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 in over 25 years.

Con Calma Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics begin with Daddy Yankee referring to a woman as he calls her out and asks her to introduce herself. Yankee’s intentions are clear as he openly admits how the woman’s dance moves have managed to seduce him and is now interested to hang out with her after the party is over. Yankee continues to specifically describe her dance moves in the main chorus as he sings “calmly, I want to see how she dances, move your poom-poom, girl, she is a murderer, when she dances she wants the world to see her”.

This is followed up a generous offer from Yankee who invites the woman over to dance with him and make his dreams come true for the night. He describes the dance moves as fire and instructs the DJ to play another song so the woman can continue dancing.

In the latter part of the song, Snow makes his lyrical appearance as the two then come together and compliment woman’s looks as well as the way she continues to move for them. They comedically make up pairs, relating them with the woman along with their own personalities.

The Video

The official music video of the song begins with a number of televisions lined up which display a dance off featuring a number of dancers including Yankee himself. The music video is a mixture of both reality and 3D animation. Yankee’s personality can be seen both realistic as well as animated form. In between the sequences, there are also moments when Yankee’s original face is replaced with his animated version as he dances to the tune.

Meanwhile, a number of dancers can be seen in synchronization to the tune. This is followed up by the woman whom the lyrics define as the one whom he desires. Yankee then moves closer and dances with the woman right before Snow makes his appearance. He can be seen calling up Yankee as the duo then comes together to sing the lyrics whilst standing in front of the televisions.

The video ends with all the dancers in position, marking the end of the song. In between them, there is Yankee’s character who smiles before the video fades out.

Overall, the song is entertaining both in its lyrics as well as the video. The tune is catchy and the sequences make the listeners want to sing and dance along.

Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma
Con Calma is a song by the Puerto Rican singer Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez (1977) and the Canadian musician Darrin Kenneth O'Brien (1969). Download it now.
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