Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime

Adventure of a Lifetime sung by Coldplay is a groovy song that is fun to listen to.  The songs bring out the feeling of being alive again due to women. It’s a complete disco-inspired song. The song’s central theme is just about having good feelings but also making others feel good.

Coldplay launched their album, A Head Full of Dreams, in which this was the 5th track, gathering a lot of attention and love from the audience. Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth’s relationship broke off, after which Chris martin’s songs were generally depressed and dull. But this song was a sign of hope and liveliness to start living with good hopes once again.

How to Download Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Coldplay, check out also our review of Paradise and Hymn For the Weekend.

The Song Review

Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime – the Meaning of the Lyrics

It’s refreshing to fans since each album has its personality, and Coldplay’s songwriting talents have improved. A Head Full of Dreams was released in December, and it’s worth the wait.

Coldplay’s new song, Adventure of a Lifetime (which was released a month before the album) is a riot of color and energy, a dramatic contrast to the band’s release, the more sad and contemplative Ghost Stories. It captures the comforting notion of new hope and a sense of rebirth brought on by a woman.

Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime Video Interpretation

The music video opens with an extra high pitch with the catchy riff guitar tone from Jonny Buckland. This is provisioning the major backbone to the whole song and is often repeated throughout the whole song. The band is covering the exuberant style reminiscent of some sort of disco-rock tunes over the past.

The video introduces us to a lady who is motivating Chris Martin to wake himself up and enjoy life all over again to its fullest time. The song and the video itself are leaving behind a feeling of inspiration for the people who need to start living the fullest life again.

Have You Listened to Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime Lyrical Interpretation?

This song is undoubtedly energetic, filled with fun, and extremely exciting. If you still haven’t caught this song, you will love listening to it all the time.

About Coldplay

In 1996, a famous British Rock band was formed known as Coldplay. It was based on five members based on Chris Martin as pianist & vocalist, Berryman as the bassist Guy, Jonny Buckland as a guitarist, Will Champion as a drummer, and Phil Harvey as the creative director.

All the members of the band used to study together at University College London and during that time they started playing music together. From 1996 till 1998, they played local concerts in high schools.

Coldplay has earned massive popularity worldwide, having 100 million albums sold all over the world. It would not be wrong to call this band the most renowned one of the 21st century. The group is also the 6th most awarded group ever in history.

Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime
Adventure Of A Lifetime is a song by Coldplay who are a British rock band. It comes from their seventh studio album which was released in 2015. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime Review Summary

  • An album that is filled with vibrancy and fun
  • Captivate the idea of new hope and life
  • Modern rock tight song
  • The song is a bit short
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