Coldplay – Paradise

Talk about a typically astounding Coldplay number; Paradise will instantly come to mind. Paradise was released on September 12, 2011, and is the second single from Coldplay’s album named Mylo Xyloto. The song was an instant success and was all over the place, well, we mean on Earth. One can every easily identify Paradise as a Coldplay song.

Moreover, the song can be easily associated with the vocals of Chris Martin. Because the hit number falls perfectly in the sonic realm. This song is also incorporated with Cold play’s classic choruses that are straight out of this world. The song is about a man who wants to escape life and head to paradise. However, in the music video, that man (Chris Martin) is dressed as an elephant who escapes the zoo.

How to Download Coldplay – Paradise

You can download this song from Amazon Music. Click on the Download button. Check out also another hit by the same band – Hymn For The Weekend.

The Song Review

The song has a very gentle nature and vibe. That makes it very apt for a lazy evening or even a very sad end of the day. However, you can still listen to it anytime you want. The song hits all the right chords in terms of music video, lyrics, composition, and vibe. Coldplay surely brought their epic game to this song.

The song is balanced very smartly. There is a very subtle tint of melancholy. Yet, a very moody and blissful sensation takes over the listener. That is what makes it awesome to rock in a stadium. After all, that is what Coldplay music is all about it.

A Commercial Hit on Charts!

The song was bound to be a chart commercial success. However, the success came did not become a chart success in the UK. Because the song was initially on iTunes. After that, this song ranked at the 14th spot on the UK Singles Chart. Paradise was in the top five in the 16 countries. In the USA, Paradise stood at the number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

We can say that overall, Paradise’s success on charts was comparatively slow. However, after some time, this song made its way up to the top. In January 2012, the song ranked No.1 in the UK. Moreover, the song became the biggest selling rock single in 2011.

Let Us See It in the Critical Light

Critically, the song received mixed reviews; still, most of them were positive. Rolling Stone referred to the song as “Another step in the right direction.”

On the other hand, NME came up with a very mixed review. The NME critics wrote, “Its hard to say what the band is aiming for with the song. To replicate the epic football stadium ‘moment’ of ‘Yellow’? The energy of a ‘Viva La Vida’? If so, it doesn’t quite work on either count” but continued “if you’re going to have a mid-paced Coldplay-by-numbers single-single, you may as well have one as grand and gorgeous as ‘Paradise.'”

Now, it is time to talk about its music video.

Paradise – the Video

The video for sure made a mark. Paradise’s music video was conceptualized by Chris Martin, who himself featured in it, dressed as an elephant. In the video, the elephant (Chris Martin) escapes from a zoo to find paradise. He begins to tour on a unicycle that makes an interesting edition. Chris begins his journey to Cape Town, South Africa.

He takes a flight from Heathrow Airport. Further, he is seen in some points of Johannesburg. Finally, he reaches Cape Town and performs at a concert. The music video has over 1.4 billion views on YouTube.

The Music in a Nutshell

The song begins with keyboards and strings. Next, a hypnotic beat is incorporated. Moreover, you will find a brief piano phase and solo guitar.

Coldplay - Paradise
Paradise is a song by Coldplay, the famous British rock band. that comes from their album Mylo Xyloto. Download it now and have fun.
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