Drake – God’s Plan

God’s Plan is a dialogue between Drake, his fans, and his haters. Yes, it is a three-fold conversation that claps back at haters while letting the fans know he is alright and protected by the Lord Himself. The song was released under the Cash Money and Republic Label. Noah Shebib, Brock Korsan, and Ronald La Tour wrote God’s Plan. It celebrates the pop, trap, and pop-rap genre from Drake’s fifth album, Scorpion.

How to Download Drake – God’s Plan

You can download God’s Plan from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like Drake, check out also his other hits – Hotline Bling or In My Feelilngs.

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God’s Plan by Drake – the Lyrics

The song begins with mentioning the lyric “they wish” a few times. They, who? The answer is haters who wish ill upon Drake. He knows who his rivals are, and their ill-wishes remain devious internal thoughts, thanks to the Lord.

The first verse emphasizes there weren’t any foreign interruptions while Drake was working on his music. He was minding his own business. Yet, he was forced into situations that had nothing to do with him. Drake knows the enemies want him to fail and outlive him, too. From their perspective, violence is the solution to stop Drake from reaching success.

Drake spent his childhood in Toronto. He admits the neighborhood molded and groomed him into the man he is today. Because of his heritage and respect, the chorus says Drake will stay immortal. However, it will not be in his physical form. Music lovers will listen to Drake’s music for times to come and celebrate his forte of transforming thoughts into relatable lyrics.

God’s Plan (the song) emphasizes that Drake’s enemies want him dead. It is quite a morbid thought, considering their intention to promote joy through music. Drake answers the haters, saying God has different plans set in place.

The artist continues to speak bitter live truths such as luxury does not equal comfortability. You could be lying in the most expensive hotel room, but nothing will equate to the bed at home. He continues to say a mother’s touch is the most comforting and soothing feeling, even if you are with the love of your life. Drake concludes with a verse apologizing to the people he did not address, such as his close friends.

God’s Plan displays the show of gratitude and how it is a rare luxury today. The artist is aware majority have become self-centered, chasing money, fame, or wealth.

God’s Plan by Drake – the Video

Right off the bat, we are told the budget for the music video was $996,631. However, Drake gave it all away to charity. After opening credits, the viewer is introduced to a less-fortunate neighborhood. There is broken furniture across the front lawn and people sitting on the streets, just vibing.

The frame cuts to Drake entering a grocery store and paying for every customer. He greets and meets fans and makes donations to tuition fees. At one time, he greets strangers sitting on pavements and gives them wads of cash. There are happy tears all around as that money is life-altering.b

While watching the video, you can clearly identify the lifestyles in the societal spectrum. There are shots of luxury stores and expensive apartments. On the other hand, there are shots of people living hand-to-mouth. It really makes you wonder about the odd distribution of wealth and our welfare system.

Later in the video, Drake and his crew visit an orphanage. They present nicely wrapped gifts to the children and the volunteers. Drake even donates $20,000 for the kids. He buys people cars, pays for their loan, and even take women off the streets on a shopping spree. Whatever they like, Drake will buy.

The Bottom Line

Drake’s God’s Plan makes one wonder about other people’s lives and how they survive. We are so focused on our plans and dreams that we forget to donate. Welfare and charity are essential aspects of our society to let’s aim to actively participate.

Drake - God's Plan
God's Plan is a song by Drake, the famous Canadian rapper (1986). Download it now and have a good time listening to it.
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