Drake – Hotline Bling

The term Hotline Bling usually means late-night shenanigans. However, for the artist, no strings attached turned into something meaningful. Sadly, his lover does not call her anymore. Drake sits waiting by the phone for her call. He is experiencing jealously and envy, the emotions he is estranged to.

What else does the song say…?

How to Download Drake – Hotline Bling

To download the song from Amazon Music or from Apple Music via iTunes, click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also other hit songs by Drake – In My Feelings, Life Is Good (with Future), or Mia (with Bad Bunny).

The Song Review

The song Hotline Bling is another one of the more successful hits by Drake. The song was released in late 2015 and became an instant hit with his audience. It begins with him singing, You used to call me on my cell phone.

Unless two people are strangers, they are less likely to talk on the phone frequently. The lyric shows the romantic interest and Drake have a history together. They were involved in the relationship long enough to memorize their numbers.

However, she somehow changes throughout the relationship. She does not call Drake anymore, whereas Drake misses her immensely. He misses spending time with her and doing couple-related things. Throughout the song, the artist feels very nostalgic. He had spent quality time with her; however, she has lost interest.

The word Woes in the lyrics implies problems, though it is not classified which kind of issues they encountered. Drake proposes a generalized ideology rather than mentioning his expectations and wants out of a relationship.

Unfortunately, it seems there wasn’t just one thing that resulted in the distance between them.

The song is intended to flaunt their best memories together. It was magical when Drake and the previous partner were super close, and he does not wish to take any of that for granted. No wonder he is longing for her touch, scent, and presence again.

Later in the song, Drake Wishes she would call him on his cellphone. Drake has not stopped loving or missing her. He wishes the relationship to continue and see if it leads to a happy ever after.

The chorus is repeated four times during the length of the entire song. The first time is instrumental, second is a version without the drums. However, the third only involves the drums and bass. The different playing of instruments resulted in a diverse and dynamic tone.

The Video

The video of Hotline Bling was brought to life by Director X. They have previously worked on HYFR and Worst Behavior as he and Drake are no strangers. The video begins with Drake surrounded by girls in a call center. These women are beautiful and tall, yet they are in the background. Drake only has eyes for the addressee of the song.

The frame switches from call center to Drake dancing. We are not surprised Drake can dance because of his lively and vibrant heritage. The dancing frames are minimal aesthetic with white designs that illuminate vibrant colors.

Drake’s Hotline Bling video is inspired by vibrancy. White usually represents clarity, whereas vibrant, loud colors represent joyful memories. The visual cinematography was created by a lighting artist named James Turnell. His aesthetic provides color, light, and individual interpretation of the video.

Fun fact! Drake dancing quickly took on the meme form. It was even featured in Saturday Night Live as a skit. The playful act featured Donald Trump and other dancers in the backup. The ex-president danced, implying Drake moved like a dad in the video.

Should you Listen to Hotline Bling by Drake?

The song represents a complicated history regarding the artist and unnamed women he wishes to contact. The lyrics are not complicated or carry phrasal expressions.

It is the perfect example of how sometimes less is more. Hotline Bling is a powerful melody that wishes to resolve bad blood in a relationship—relatable?

Drake - Hotline Bling
Hotline Bling is a song by Aubrey Drake Graham (1986) known professionally as Drake. Download it now and and have a good time.
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