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Dummy Boy is a hip-hop album by the notorious rapper known as 6ix9ine. The album is 6ix9ine’s debut which was officially released on 27th November 2018. Despite featuring vocals from a number of big artists, Dummy Boy was mostly received with negative reviews. Commercially, however, the album debuted at number 2 on the US Billboard 200, making it 6ix9ine’s most successful album ever since the beginning of his career.

How to Download Dummy Boy by 6ix9ine

The album can be downloaded digitally or streamed from a variety of sources. One way to download Dummy Boy is to head over to iTunes.

The Album Tracklist

We must admit that the 13 songs on the album have funny names with a nice pattern to them when you look at them all. Have a look:

  1. Stoopid
  2. Fefe
  3. Tic Toc
  4. Kika
  5. Mama
  6. Waka
  7. Bebe
  8. Mala
  9. Kanga
  10. Feefa
  11. Tati
  12. Wondo
  13. Dummy

We have reviewed Bebe in a separate article a while ago. Let’s now focus on some other majors songs of the album.


Stoopid is a hip-hop/rap song performed by 6ix9ine featuring also American rapper Bobby Shmurda. The song was released on 5th October 2018 and is written by 6ix9ine himself, along with Andrew Green, Shmurda, and American songwriter Tay Keith. One of the most interesting things about the song is how Shmurda’s verses were recorded through a phone call as he was in prison.

This song marks the first collaboration between 6ix9ine and Tay Keith. It was first teased on 6ix9ine’s official Instagram account when he uploaded a small clip of himself, dancing and lip-syncing to the song.

6ix9ine, through this song, addresses his ongoing feud with Ebro Darden. The song, through its lyrics, disses the Radio personality on multiple occasions. The lyrics begin with Yung Gordon and Lil Juice introducing themselves as they back each other up in terms of dissing their rivals.

6ix9ine then makes his vocal appearance in terms of the main chorus as he sings about completely destroying his rivals. This is followed up by some intense dissing verses where 6ix9ine insults his rivals by making personal insults at them as well as their families.

The insults are extended and now focus directly on Ebro Darden. 6ix9ine makes use of the opportunity by calling him out by terming him as DJ Lethal. He also accuses him of corruption, before asking Tay Keith to deal with the likes of him.

In the latter part of the song, the language in the lyrics becomes more abusive. 6ix9ine, once again, points towards Darden and tells him to mind his own business. On a side note, he also mentions how he was completely drunk whilst recording this song.

Stoopid: the Video

The music video is somewhat in contrast to the lyrics. 6ix9ine can be seen in his unique outfit and colorful hair. The video begins with 6ix9ine driving a rainbow-colored car in what seems to be a desert. 6ix9ine dances around in the car and can be seen drinking, synchronizing his movements with the background tune and lyrics.

The video continues as the cars come to a halt. 6ix9ine dances in the middle of the road. In between the sequence, small clips of him riding a rollercoaster also appear. In a similar pattern, he also dives into the water and faces the camera, singing along with the tune. It ends with 6ix9ine walking off into the desert as the video fades out.

Soopid, soon after its release, made headlines on all major social media platforms. The song pays homage to Shmurda who is allegedly set to be released in 2020. Additionally, the song also brought 6ix9ine’s feud into the limelight, which inevitably led on to become a war between the fans of the two personalities as well.


Fefe is a hip-hop rap song by 6ix9ine which also features vocals from Nicki Minaj. The song was officially released on 22nd July 2018 and is written by the two lead singers, along with Murda Beatz. Apart from being featured in Dummy Boy, Fefe also featured as a bonus song in Minaj’s fourth studio album called Queen. It is available to stream on all major music platforms.

Fefe, after its release, became 6ix9ine’s highest rated song, ranking on number three on the Billboard Hot 100 list. According to Minaj, 6ix9ine had texted the song lyrics to her which inevitably led her to accept the offer. She further explained how there no as such effort put during the production of the song and that, it was just a casual hit for her standards.

The lyrics are very bold and intense in their nature. Fefe begins with 6ix9ine and Minaj singing together as they sing about finding each other in a world full of hypocrites. 6ix9ine is referred to as the king who is looking for her queen (Minaj).

6ix9ine continues on with the beat as he sings boldly about having rough intercourse with Minaj. He sings how he manages to please Minaj sexually, such that it makes her wet. He also questions himself as to why he continuously does that despite knowing that there is no future to their relationship.

Minaj comes forward and calls out 6ix9ine, explaining their sexual adventures and the level of pleasure achieved by the two. She gives examples of her vagina and relates it to some of the world’s most valuable brand objects. She also talks about the conversations she has with 6ix9ine during their intercourse sessions.

Further in the song, Minaj expresses her sexual desires by completely negating the concept of small talk. In a humorous manner, the two then sing a customized sexual version of the popular children’s poem Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. The verses to the poems are completely altered to become sexual in nature.

The lyrics end with both of them admitting to the fact that they are only here for the fun, and that they do not want anything serious.

The music video for the song was first teased by 6ix9ine during a tour. He claimed how this was the last music video before he would be going to jail. It received over 32 million views on its very first day.

The video begins with 6ix9ine licking ice cream and playing a children’s game with Minaj. The two then get together and begin to dance. 6ix9ine plays with a puppy whereas Minaj can be seen eating whipped cream. In a change of surroundings, two obscene bikini models show up as 6ix9ine can seen making sexual advances towards one of them.

Minaj then appears once again, in what seems to be like a change of outfit. As the video progresses, Minaj and 6ix9ine become more intimate towards one another by dancing together and eating the ice cream. The sequence finally ends with both of them exiting the stage made out of balloons.

Fefe is relatively a different song for 6ix9ine in comparison to some of his other hits. Instead of aggressive rapping, Fefe is melodious and has calm lyrics in terms of the background tune and composition.

Tic Toc

Tic Toc is the third single taken from the album. The song features vocals from Lil Baby and is produced by Yung Lang & Felipe S. The song synchronises with 6ix9ine’s traditional rapping theme as it mainly talks about controversial topics such as guns, lust for women, as well as prostitution. The background tune is one which terms the song as a serious one.

In one of his interviews, 6ix9ine has mentioned how Lil Baby is his all-time favorite artist and that it has been a privilege to work with him. Before its release, Lil Baby and 6ix9ine had performed in a concert together where they hinted the release of Tic Toc as a collaboration between the two artists.

The song begins 6ix9ine singing as to how he likes to sexually engage with a woman, whom he does consider his lover. He clears up the woman’s delusion by straightforwardly pointing out how he does not intend to develop feelings for her.

This theme is continued by Lil Baby who indicates how he has kept a prostitute locked away in his condo for days. Additionally, he talks about the luxuries in life that are available to him because of his owned wealth. He boasts about drinking all day and using guns to steal cars and murder the authorities. The idea is mentioned as follows “I been drinkin’ all this lean, I need to stop, hoppin’ out of stolen cars, and we shoot chops at opps”.

Most of the latter part of the sequence consists of a similar pattern where 6ix9ine explicitly describes how he treats his owned prostitutes. Talking about his own wealth and power, 6ix9ine sings how he can call her up whenever he desires and do whatever he pleases with her.

The song is relatively shorter in length; hence, the chorus is only sung twice: at the beginning and at the very end. Tic Toc ends with 6ix9ine repeating his controversial remarks about the prostitute, by letting her know of his superior and make her realize how she means nothing more to him than a sexual object.

Like most of his songs, Tic Toc was also received with mixed reviews from the listeners. It became a fan favorite for most of 6ix9ine’s followers whereas, critics showed concern at some of the words and concepts which were applied in the lyrics. Organizations that particularly relate to women empowerment severely criticized the song for its vulgarity and the idea of demeaning women by sexualizing them.


Kika is another rap song which features the likes of Tory Lanez. It is fourth track taken from Dummy Boy as well as 6ix9ine’s third collaboration with Lanez. Produced by Avedon and Scott Starch, the song is about struggle and rising up from the bottom as both the artists talk about the efforts they made in order to reach the top of the music industry.

The song was first teased when on 6ix9ine’s Instagram account where he posted a preview of the song. This was soon followed up by the announcement of Dummy Boy’s release. It does not have an official music video, rather, the song is supported by a lyric video which consists of animation effects.

The song begins with Tory Lanez boasting about his current position in the music world. He sings how he is at the top of his game in terms of both fame and wealth. He then shifts his momentum towards the hard work he had put in to reach this position. Lanez lyrically explains how he had no help or support from anyone and how he had to work tirelessly in order to make a name for himself over the years.

Lanez compares his efforts by relating it to Jackie Chan’s self-performed stunts as he sings “Lookin’ for a bitty on that thot shit, Y’all ain’t gettin’ money, nigga, stop this, I been ’round the globe talkin’ hot shit, I do my own stunts, Jackie Chan with it”.

Lanez claims are followed up by 6ix9ine support who appears and distinctively raps as to how he is a lone wolf who has achieved his position without seeking help from his peers. The rapper explicitly talks about the different types of people that exist in the industry who have put effort in trying to prevent him from succeeding in life.

The main chorus is then played where both artists sing about their achievements, especially after having to go this far completely on their own. In the latter part of the song, 6ix9ine talks of the different women who came into his life in order to use him. The women tried to become sexually active with him just to get their hands on the money 6ix9ine had earned from his hard work. The rapper mentions how, at one point, he was under the illusion that those women actually had feelings for him, but it soon became clear how it was nothing more than lust for money and power.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Dummy Boy was an album which rose to fame in a quick manner, despite the charges being proved against 6ix9ine. The fans received the album wholeheartedly, claiming that the album was a mixture of different rap genres, thereby allowing them to experience 6ix9ine’s talent. The album was also praised for featuring different artists in almost every song. Different artists collaborated with 6ix9ine on numerous songs, each of which became an absolute hit. Critics, on the other end, have called for a complete ban on the album mainly due to 6ix9ine’s crimes being proven in court.

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