Farruko – Coolant

Farruko – Coolant is an urban Latino song by Farruko. The song was released on 9th August 2018 as part of his lengthy list of singles. The song is available to play on all major platforms including Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

How to Download Coolant by Farruko

To download the song click on the Download button below the review. Coolant can be downloaded from iTunes.

Coolant – the Video

The official music video, which was also released on the same day as the song, begins when a random man in a bicycle sees Farruko standing with a bunch of ladies in their underwear on a summery day.

The natural curiosity brings the man towards them after which, he tries to flirt with them. Intrigued by the whole idea of working at a car wash with them, the man asks Farruko if whether he would want to hire him as one of his workers.

Farruko’s partner in the video asks whether the man can speak Spanish fluently, to which, he hilariously goes over to the girls and tries to impress them with his partial fluency.

The man then reveals to Farruko that he is part Puerto Rican from his cousin’s side to which, Farruko agrees to hire him. The song then begins as Farruko dances and sprays water around numerous girls.

The background lights and effects used are primarily focusing on the women as they dance to the tune. As the sequence progresses on, all three of the main male performers get together and dance around with the female performers. Most of the lyrics involved also simply relate to lust as they indiscreetly talk about the body of those performers.

The surroundings where the music video is set is a carwash and all the members of the video are apparently employees of that place. The sequence features Farruko using the car washing pipes to sprinkle the water over the performers in a colorful, yet, cringy act.

Who is Farruko?

Talking about the artist himself, Farruko is a Latin Pop singer who hails from Puerto Rico. (If you like Puerto Rican style, why not check out another Puerto Rican hit – Despacito?) Farruko first entered the music industry at just the age of 18 where he released his first album, called El Talento del Bloque. The album became viral, which gave instant fame to Farruko through the power of social media.

Although Farruko had won a Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Music Album in 2012, his real rise to fake took place in 2014 after he released singles called Passion Whine and 6 AM. The songs went up to reach the number 1 and 2 spots soon after their release.

Farruko – Coolant: the Song Review

Coolant is a fun and entertaining song which mostly just revolves around discussing the female performers’ and their physical appearances. Added to that are amusing lyrics that are completely random words -such as “ribi”- however, when combined with the overall theme, fits in with the song.

Overall, Coolant is a very catchy song with an enthusiastic and exciting tune. The official music video has gone up to reach over 28 million views in only a month after its release.

Farruko - Coolant
Coolant is a song by the Puerto Rican singer Farruko. Download it, watch the video and see what happened at the car wash.
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