Frozen – Let It Go

Some songs are meant to last an eternity. Academy Award-winning number Let it Go from Idina Menzel is surely one of such songs. It is from the 2013 animated movie Frozen. This track is a fine piece, something for the generations. Idina Menzel who is also the voice of Elsa in Frozen brought her best game to this song. It was produced as an integral part of Frozen by Walt Disney Records.

In January 2014, it was released as a single. Let it Go was written by the wife-husband duo, Robert Lopez and Christian Anderson Lopez.

How to Download Frozen – Let It Go

You can download Let It Go in English and 50 other languages from iTunes. Click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Song Review

Without any doubt, the song became a huge commercial success. This Disney song made history by entering the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time since 1995. Let it Go was pivotal for Idina Menzel. She won a Tony Award for the number. It was her first single to reach the Top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 songs.

What made it even more special is that it bagged an Oscar for the category of the Best Original Song for 2014. Besides that, it won a Grammy Award in the “Best Song Written for Visual Media 2015” category. Let it Go gained enormous international momentum, and was translated into over 41 languages.

“Performed with Belty Gusto by Idina Menzel”

Let it Go was also critically acclaimed by various media giants in the industry. Idina Menzel was highly lauded by the masses. The Rochester City Newspaper while praising Idina, wrote, “Performed with belty gusto by Idina Menzel, it has got every element needing to be a lasting favorite”. They added, “Menzel should be credited for providing as much passion and power to this performance as she in her most famous role”.

“An Anthem of Liberation”

Let it Go is a song that is about freedom. Essentially, freedom from primitive and baseless norms set by society. It was especially associated with feminine empowerment. Marc Snetiker from Entertainment Weekly referred to the song as “An incredible anthem of Liberation”.

The song stirs a storm within oneself to break free, and just be yourself.

Despite its howling success, Let it go was criticized as well. For many, nothing stood about this song. A popular comment about the song was shared in the show, Sound Opinions. It goes like, “clichéd piece of fluff that you would have heard on a Broadway soundtrack, from maybe the fifties or the sixties”.

The Boston Globe referred to the track as a “Musical Crack”.

Have you watched the video?

Let it Go – the Music Video

Its music video is from the movie. Let it Go is played in an animated setting.

The video begins with a sad Queen Elsa climbing a mountain while it is snowing. This comes after she has left her kingdom. Moreover, she has lost her ability to produce ice in public image. She is now away from the people. Although she is disappointed, she instantly goes through a rapid shift in mind.

A realization comes that she does not need to conform to people’s opinions. Now, she is free to use her power and rejoice. She drops her identity of being a royal. While riding high in her aspirations, she builds a snow staircase that she ascends to a high cliff. With her ability, she generates a glorious crystal castle for herself.

After that, she generates an icy shimmering ensemble for herself. While singing, she heads to the balcony. There she concludes the video by saying, “The cold never bothered me anyway”, and the door closes.

Music Composition

In musical essence, this song is a power ballad. That is set in an A-flat major, on the whole. It is a perfect fast tempo number. Later on, a pop version of the song was also released.

Frozen - Let It Go
Let It Go is a hit song from the 2013 Disney animated fantasy film Frozen that was inspired by The Snow Queen fairy tale. Download it. It's simply amazing.
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