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Radioactive celebrates the electronic rock and alternative rock genres. It was released under the Interscope label, produced by Alex da Kid. Radioactive is written by Dan Reynolds, Daniel Wayne, Sermon, and Josh Mosser. It was released in the Continued Silence album and then Night Visions in 2012.

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons has numerous interpretations because of the controversial lyrics. The song has been confusing ever since it was released. Its subject is undiscovered, with very few fans relating to it. The song begins by mentioning a person who was imprisoned for so long that it is already a new age when he is released. Whereas others argue the song is about a spiritual rebirth.

How to Download Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

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The Song Review

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive Lyrical Interpretation

Radioactive presents Dan Reynolds, who sings how the world is different from what we perceive. The song is in the soundtrack of The Host and Assassin’s Creed III. In addition, it was also used to promote the premiere season of Chicago Fire.

The band and the lyrics are inspired by the early morning hours. Imagine Dragons is usually writing the songs in the late hours of the night when it is quiet. However, in gist, the song is described as a powerful melody to illustrate the new world. A rebirth that describes taking on challenges with a fresher perspective. The band believes a lot can be said by a few words. Thus, the lyrics are simplified, a concept very foreign to their fans.

Reynolds has admitted on many occasions that he suffers from depression and ADD. From a different perspective, Radioactive is intended to escape the depressing lifestyle with hopes of happiness in the end. It is about realizing there is more to living than self-harming and dark thoughts that consume us internally. Imagine Dragons admit to the basic ideology of living to the fullest, which evolved into the song.

The lyrics maintain interest with new sections introduced every 14 seconds. In addition, every section is 14 seconds. The pattern is consistent with melodious tunes that make the repetition unforgettable rather than annoying.

The most effective part of Radioactive is its chorus. It is divided into two jumps with simpler lyrics than the rest of the song. It is intended to act as a pause, as a counterweight, against the thought-provoking lyrics. The chorus takes place halfway into the music and celebrates diversity.

The Radioactive Video

The viewer is introduced to a gloomy setting with a girl walking alone on a forest path on a cloudy day. In another frame, the man agonizes in a jail cell. The girl reaches a desolate shed, later revealed as a betting house for stuffed animal wars.

The stuffed toy that loses is sent underground to the jail cells, where they will stay caged and lonely for eternity. The girl releases her own stuffed toy into the ring, which surprisingly beats the contender. The pink stuffed bear vaporizes the threats.

The jailer looks above him at the vents for his escape strategy. During the commotion, the girl finds the keys to the dungeons and helps the trapped escape. Without knowing, the ring owner has fallen down the same hatch and is now answerable to the stuffed animals. He is defenseless on the floor as multiple toys gang up upon him, getting their revenge. The video concludes with the button and marble eyes zooming in on the camera.

We admit the video is quite confusing. However, it is pretty entertaining with slight misrepresentation of the internal rebirth the lyrics wish to communicate.

Believe in Yourself to Do Good

Radioactive is a melody about empowering yourself by admitting you are content with the present circumstances, no matter what they are. However, it is also about escaping the vicious harmful cycle you have become accustomed to. Listening to the song will encourage you to think differently and positively. It will force you to accept yourself without judgment.

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Radioactive is a hit song by Imagine Dragons - a famous American pop rock band. Download it now and have fun.
8.5 Total Score
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive Review Summary

  • Radioactive by Imagine Dragons interprets the “underdog theme” unconventionally. Thus, engaging the reader.
  • Guest appearances from Hollywood elites such as Alexandra Daddario and Lou Diamond Phillips add an interesting arc to the story.
  • The video is playful to attract a wide range of viewers with elements of drama and children’s toys.
  • The entire story video is an anti-climactic tell-a-tale.
  • The correlation between stuffed toys and lyrics is irrelevant and unnecessary.
  • The adaptation of stuffed toys to represent serious underlying issues looks pretty childish and disrespectful.
  • The primary storyline of jailers attempting to escape is constantly overshadowed by stuffed toys battling in the ring for their mafia boss’ entertainment.
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