Karol G, J. Balvin – Mi Cama (feat. Nicky Jam)

Mi Cama belongs to a music genre called urban. It is performed by a Colombian singer and songwriter Karol G. In its remix version it features J. Balvin and Nicky Jam. The remix was released on 13th July 2018 and is available to hear on almost every major musical platform including the likes of Spotify and Youtube. The new version of the song was revealed via Karol G’s Instagram page.

How to Download Mi Cama

To download Mi Cama simply click on the Download button at the end of this review. The song can be downloaded from iTunes. You can also watch and listen to the official video completely for free. Enjoy.

Who is Karol G?

Karol G is a singer and songwriter who hails from Colombia. (If you like music from this country check out also Shakira. For example, her song Clandestino.) She first stepped into the world of music in 2013 when she collaborated with Nicky Jam to release her first song called Amor De Dos. Ever since then, Karol G has only risen to fame over the years by releasing hit singles including Pineapple, Ahora Me Llama, and Tu Pum Pum.

What Is Mi Cama All About?

One of Karol G’s hit singles, Mi Cama, is a song which talks about female inner strength in a fun entertaining way. The whole theme of the song revolves around what happens after a break-up.

It talks about stereotypical thinking as to how a woman breaks down completely due to loneliness and negates this concept by displaying what actually happens. Karol G is portrayed as the young woman who just recently broke up but despite that, is having the time of her life as an independent individual.

One of the translated lyrics which state “You think I stayed quiet, but I have them standing in line” clearly shows how happy and easily a woman can move forward without looking back.

The Original Mi Cama and the Remix

Moving on to the music video, the remix version is quite different to the original version. The remix video recreates the whole situation as Karol G enters a hotel room in between rooms of two other guys namely, Nicky Jam and J. Balvin.

As the sequence progresses, Karol G jumps in her bed as the main chorus plays, creating a noise that alerts the other two featuring members, making them wonder what is actually going on inside the room.

Throughout the video, Balvin and Nicky hilariously attempt to find out the source of this noise by different means. In between the video when Nicky Jam sings, the trio can also be seen dancing together casually in the room.

It turns out that Mi Cama is the second time when Karol G worked with Nicky Jam. Nicky, who is a renowned American artist, previously recorded and released a song called Amor De Dos. This one was also an instant hit. Nicky also performed the official song called Live It Up along with Will Smith and Era Istrefi at the closing ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2018.

The Bottom Line

Similar to its original version, the remix of Mi Cama also became an instant hit after its release. So far, the official video of the song has managed to gain over 82 million views on Youtube in only a single month after its release. Overall, Mi Cama is an entertaining song that has a very catchy beat, making all its viewers want to sing and dance along to the tune. It also breaks the stereotypical barrier, giving confidence to women all around who listen to it.

Karol G, J. Balvin - Mi Cama (feat. Nicky Jam)
Mi Cama is a song by the talented Colombian singer Karol G. Download it, watch the official video of the remix and see what happened in the apartment.
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