Rosalía – Chicken Teriyaki

Rosalía is from Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain. She started her music career there. However, her international travels were not scheduled until she became widely recognized.

One of her most recent releases is Chicken Teriyaki. The song was released in February 2022 through Columbia Records. It was written by Kamaal Fareed, Michael Uzowuru, Pablo Diaz, and Rosalía. However, it was also released by Sky Rompiendo, Rosalía, El Guincho, and Noah Goldstein. It belongs to the reggaeton genre, and here is what the song means:

How to Download Rosalía – Chicken Teriyaki

You can download the song from Apple Music via iTunes. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like Rosalía, check out also our review of Con Altura.

The Song Review

The song takes inspiration from the Mercer Hotel in the Manhattan area. It encapsulates the scenery and fashion sense with some fun lyrics. It is clear Rosalía was just having a good time with her producers and composers while composing the song.

Chicken Teriyaki is a song about motorcycles and New York City. It combines the singer’s love for punk music with the soft aspect of Kawaii, a Japanese concept. If you didn’t know, Chicken Teriyaki is most readily available in New York City, so it makes sense the two attributes are mentioned together.

Rosalía has been regularly visiting the Big Apple since her first visit in 2013. She was a panelist at an arts conference and constantly fell in love with the city.

Chicken Teriyaki is a Japanese dish that many Asian restaurants serve. However, they fool their customers by serving cat meat in the dish. The startling discovery is made in the chorus of the song. However, we cannot confirm if the rumor is true or not. Surprisingly, it is not the most controversial lyric in music.

It is essential to remember since Rosalía is a Spanish singer, transliterating the song to the English language loses its interpretation. Furthermore, the perspectives may also change since the words are understood differently.

Anyhow, the song moves on to present a romantic storyline in the second verse. However, as you continue listening to the music, it is pretty clear Rosalía is in love with New York City. She wishes to spend more time in Tribeca, Washington Heights, and Queens’s neighborhood.

Chicken Teriyaki by Rosalía Video Interpretation

Rosalía makes a grand appearance in a ballet studio, wearing an athletic bra and pink shorts. She heads to the music station in her silver heels. Rosalía amps the volume to the max and looks back at the ballet performers. She takes a seat and fixes the straps on her shoes. Rosalía makes a sultry walk to one of the dancers and squats over him. He records Rosalía’s moves on his phone.

In a later frame, Rosalía takes center stage, surrounded by the dancers. She looks straight at the camera while synchronizing the beats with heel movements. Halfway into the video, Rosalía is seen dancing with a chunky golden chain while the background dancers mimic her action.

The backup dancers are wearing the same outfits as the lead singer. The color scheme is similar to halter neck athletic tops with shorts and heels. The majority of the movements are provocative, making one’s gaze wander.

Now for the chicken teriyaki bit, a motorbike driver bursts through the window carrying Chinese food. Everyone enjoys the food while sitting in chairs and dancing. The entire setting is a ballet performing art studio. The locations or backgrounds don’t change, which provides a clear direction to the viewer.

The majority of the dance movements carry unisex components. The song celebrates men, women, and non-binary individuals in the same dressing. There is no discrimination based on shoes or clothing—a testament to progressive inclusivity.

What Do You Think of the Song?

While some may argue the song is confusing, others claim it makes perfect for TikTok videos. Other than that, you can play it in the background or dance to it in a nightclub. However, we cannot stress enough the song does stand out.

Rosalía - Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki is a catchy song by Rosalia Vila Tobella (1992) who is known as Rosalía. Download it now and have fun.
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