thank u, next – Ariana Grande

Thank U, Next is an R&B and pop song by Ariana Grande. The song is the lead single taken from her upcoming album of the same name. The song is produced by Tommy Brown, Charles Anderson, and Michael Foster, and was officially released on 3rd November 2018.

How to Download Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande

You can download Thank U, Next by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. If you like Ariana Grande, be sure also to check out and download her other hits  Good is a womanBreathinNo Tears Left to Cry, and Bed which he sings together with Nicki Minaj.

The Song Review

Right after its official release, Thank U, Next managed to break a number of records including most plays in a single day by a female artist on Spotify. It also managed to top the charts in numerous countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Greece, Finland, Malaysia, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Estonia.

Thank U, Next: the Lyrics

The song mainly talks about Ariana’s past relationships and how it has helped her develop into a better person. The song is available to play through digital download.

The song begins with Ariana discussing her exes as part of her past relationships. Despite not being successful with any of them, she thanks them for teaching her about values and life which, in turn, made her develop into a better person.

Ariana specifically discusses how she was taught love, patience, and pain, by experiencing the relationships with all the mentioned individuals.

This is followed by the main chorus which simply sings the title of the song. Coming over to the latter part, Ariana sings about moving on with her life by hanging out with her friends and meeting new people including a new girlfriend.

Interestingly enough, Thank U, Next openly talks about the rumors of Ariana dating women. She discusses openly falling in love with another woman and eventually breaking up with her as well, not before learning new traits through the experience.

The song ends with the chorus format as Ariana thanks all her exes as she signs off.

The Video

The music video is just as entertaining as the tune. It references the popular films Mean Girls, Bring it On, 13 going on 30, and Legally Blonde by featuring cameo appearances by the likes of Kris Jenner, and Jennifer Coolidge.

It begins with individuals gossiping about Ariana and discussing several rumors that have popped up in the past through social media. Ariana then makes her appearance as she opens up her diary as an indication that is about to address all her personal secrets.

The book contains Ariana’s images and writing about her past relationships with Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, and Pete Davidson. The music video then emulates a particular scene from the movie Mean Girls as walks down the hall in the same fashion.

This is followed up by a flashback to another popular romcom Bring It on. In what appears to be a humorous scene, the video features Ariana sitting with her friend as they talk about past relationships.

The final scenes simply present a synopsis of the whole theme as Ariana sends a message to all her haters by dancing away all her worries.

During Thank U, Next’s premiere on YouTube, it was reported that over 800,000 viewers were part of the live stream, making it an all-time record for the largest viewership any premiere on YouTube has published.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Ariana Grande has been praised heavily for her performance and bravery. Her discussion on sensitive topics and her past, all the while integrating it with a catchy tune, ultimately makes the song amazing to listen to.

thank u, next – Ariana Grande
Thank U, Next is a song by the American singer Ariana Grande-Butera (1993). Download it now and watch the video.


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