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Una Lady Como Tú is written by Christian Mena, Manuel and Julian Turizo, Santiago Mesa, and Carlos Cossio. The lyrics are in Spanish, featuring the reggaeton genre, which soared the music charts in Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama. It was one of the 20 most listened-to songs in Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

How to Download Una Lady Como Tú – MTZ Manuel Turizo

You can download the song from Apple Music or Amazon Music. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like Manuel Turizo, check out also Vaina Loca (with Ozuna), and Déjala Que Vuelva with Piso 21.

The Song Review

Una Lady Como Tú by Manuel Turizo Zapata video interpretation

Manuel Turizo is admiring a picture of a beautiful woman on his phone at a recording studio. At the other end, the same woman struggles to focus as she is stuck to her phone. It seems she is waiting for someone to call or text her.

Turizo grabs a ukulele in the next frame and begins to compose music from memory. The recording artist and the producer immediately turn heads, admiring the tones. They cheer on Turizo to continue delivering while adding in the music controls.

There are frames of Turizo working with the producer and people around him to complete the song. We even see him writing lyrics in Spanish. The evolution of events is very organic and does not seem forced in the video.

After a few attempts, the song is complete. Turizo walks into the studio, stands close to the mic, and sings. He is in séance and completely indulged with the new tone. After he is done recording the song, he sees a few texts on his phone and decides to ring the number.

The call connects to the same girl who was waiting on someone. She answers the call, admiring the gifts he had received from Turizo. The song concludes with the two dancing in a different frame, smiling and united.

When will you listen to Una Lady Como Tú?

The song is a beautiful representation of how music can bring two people together. The sudden change of black and white to a bright room setting further emphasizes love is life. This pleasing phenomenon creates an ever-lasting unique bond that is unforgettable.

About the Artist

Manuel Turizo Zapata was born into a house of musicians. His mother and elder brother actively pursued their music career, where they would take Zapata with him for any performance. Due to the mandatory attendance, he learned to play the guitar, ukulele, and other musical instruments.

When it was time to pick a career, Zapata wanted to become a veterinarian. However, his musician brother, Julian, influenced his decision to become a musician.

Julian enrolled Manuel in singing lessons. And with the help of his masterful Cuban teacher, he became a singer. As for studies, Manuel would study online by taking internets courses since his family wanted him to finish his education.

Manuel’s’ first two singles, Baila Conmigo and Vamanos, were widely welcomed by music lovers in 2016. These songs were produced by his brother. Seeing the positive response and fan excitement for future songs further motivated the Zapata duo to create music.

Una Lady Como Tú was released in 2016 with a YouTube video. Though both were evenly successful, the video gained traction with more than 300 million views. Due to the unexpected yet wildly successful response, Manuel signed with Sony Music, distributing his music under La Industria Inc.

The mass advertising took Una Lady Como Tú to the Top 40 Hot Latin Songs, Digital Song Sales, and YouTube charts.

Manuel fame was on the rise too. He opened for Ozuna, making him the new artist everyone wanted to perform at clubs, parties, discos, and concerts. At the same time, Manuel was also working on his music. Manuel was featured in a reggaeton-inspired song Besame by Valentino in 2017, which opened more music-related opportunities.

In August of the same year, Manuel Turizo took an artistic license to release a remix of Una Lady Como Tú. The rendition featuring Nicky Jam was a hit in Latin America and the United States.

Una Lady Como Tú - MTZ Manuel Turizo
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