Wisin – Escápate Conmigo ft. Ozuna

Escápate Conmigo or Escape with Me is from Wisin’s fourth album, Victory, released in 2017. The song was released under the label of Sony Music Latin. It is written by Victor Torres, Wisin, Christian Linares-Carrasquillo, and Victor Torrez. Escápate Conmigo is primarily categorized as a song from the reggaeton genre.

Wisin decides to feature Ozuna in the song because of his unique lyrical and musical talent. Ozona’s intended listeners are very different from Wisin’s. Therefore, the combination creates new music that provokes the listener to leave their seat and dance until they sweat.

How to Download Wisin – Escápate Conmigo ft. Ozuna

You can download the song from Amazon Music or Apple Music. Click on the Download button that can be found at the bottom of this review. If you like Ozuna, check out also his two hit songs – Se Preparó and Criminal (with Natti Natasha).

The Song Review

Escápate Conmigo – the Video

The video begins with the artists communicating over car Bluetooth. Ozuna parks his car outside the hotel lobby. Immediately, the setting changes to a daytime setting over a gorgeous villa. The artist sings with his love interest in the room. She wears purple lingerie with a thin fabric layer.

The lover’s interest positions herself on the bed while running hands over her body. She is inviting Wisin to join her. We are taken back into the nighttime setting where Ozuna performs his lyrics. We are also greeted by Ozon’s love interest, who wears strappy high heels and a body-hugging outfit. Her power is her jewels. The earrings and necklace immediately bring the focus to her face.

Wisin and Ozuna interchange lyrics and setting a few times. However, in each location, the background is very lively. People are drinking or dancing while the artist lip sing at the forefront. Luxurious cars packed into the background, with the artists dressed in denim jackets, jeans, and chunky chains. Every participant in the video seems they belong to an elite social circle, even though they are just acting.

The Secret Power of Wisin

Wisin carries significant influence in Latin music. The singer and producer manages to stay true to his aesthetic while modernizing it at the same time. Furthermore, you will notice his music guest features young artists whose talent we are entirely unfamiliar with. The strategy aligns with his record label that sources and trains new talent.

Who Is Wisin?

Juan Luis Morera Luna is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He began his solo career as Wisin and Yandel, singing more than 100 trap, Latin, and reggaeton tunes. Furthermore, the duo also worked closely with Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Sebastian Yatra. The group was an influential musician with three gold albums between 2000 and 2004.

Wisin released his first solo album in 2004. It was the first time he had diverted into the solo career. However, it did not compromise the duo. Wisin and Yandel continued singing together for the next nine years. Some of their most successful releases include 2010’s La Revolución and 2012’s Líderes before the band took a break. However, the band reunited in 2019 at the Los Campeones del Pueblo: The Big Leagues.

During their break, rumors started to spread the band had broken up. Yandel focused on his music while Wisin was working on his song Que Viva la Vida. The disinterest between them was very obvious. However, the band still kept their public appearance and claimed that they were working together for new music. Unfortunately, they would go their separate ways for the next 5 years.

The music lovers were surprised to hear the duo was coming together in 2018. They were performing at the Madison Square Garden and sang their newest releases. During this time, Wisin also released five new songs. The two of which would top the Latin song charts.

Even during the pandemic, Wisin’s dedication to music is evident with music releases. 2020 saw 12 songs released from Wisin under his own name. The song videos received millions of views on YouTube, which led to his own record label called La Base Music. The company aims to search for younger artists who have trouble showcasing their musical talent.

Wisin - Escápate Conmigo ft. Ozuna
Escápate Conmigo is a song by Juan Luis Morera Luna (1978) and Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (1992). Download it now and have fun.
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