Ozuna – Se Preparó

Se Preparó is written by Jose Aponte, Carlos Ortiz, Luis Ortiz, Juan Rivera, and Vincente Saavedra. It is produced by Bless the Producer, Hi Music Hi Flow, and Gaby Music. Se Preparó is from the raggaeton genre as part of album Odisea.

How to Download Ozuna – Se Preparó

You can download Se Preparó from Amazon Music or from Apple Music as a part of the Odisea album. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like Ozuna, check out also El Farsante (with Romeo Santos), Criminal (with Natti Natasha), and Vaina Loca (with Manuel Turizo).

The Song Review

Ozuna – Se Preparó – the Video

The opening credits feature a young woman applying lipstick. It seems she is ready to go out with her friends. She takes the giant teddy bear with her on the trip with the girlfriends. The frame switch to Ozuna, making an entrance. You can see his jewelry sparkle against the dark color athletic wear.

We return back to the story of the woman. She and her girlfriends are on the highway, cross the street, and check into a hotel. They walk into the lobby and entice the receptionist staff to access office floors by leaning forward and acting flirtatiously.

The three girlfriends walk into an office floor and straight to the boss’ office. They leave the teddy bear, the flowers, and a love note for a special someone. It appears that one of the women is involved with the boss. Yet, he is two-timing her with another lover.

The teddy bear blasts a live broadcast of the intimate cheating activities through the hidden camera. The employees in the office are startled as the video concludes with the boss ripping out the camera.

Ozuna Songs Redefine Contemporary Music

Ozuna releases positive and upbeat music to captivate the audience. Furthermore, the video portrayal of the lyrics also keeps the listeners engaged, making it the perfect tune to play in the background while getting ready for work or cooking.

Who Is Ozuna

Ozuna was introduced to the world as Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado. He was born in 1992 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ozuna started displaying interest in music at the early age of 12. He would write songs and compose music in his room. His childhood inspirations motivated him to become a musician. Little did he know he would become a dominant figure in the reggaeton and trap music genre!

The path to his fame began in 2014 with signing a contract with the Golden Family Record Inc., a label Puerto Rica. Due to their backing, he was able to publish songs on YouTube. His talent and music would cross the Puerto Rican boundary to Latin America in the following year. His song Si No Te Quiere was played repeatedly on the radio. Ozuna’s first concert took place in 2015 in a limited selection of South American countries.

Perhaps his most considerable success was in 2016 when he collaborated with Arcangel and Farruko in En la Intimidad. His new song “Te Vas” surpassed 250 million on YouTube, adding to his success as an established singer. 2016 also saw the release of his hit La Ocasión. It made its way into the Top 30 on the list of Hot Latin Songs chart.

For the short years, Ozuna was releasing new songs and videos heavily appreciated on YouTube, radio, and other media channels. He was also trending on social media due to his unique interpretation and rendition of reggaeton and urban music. Ozuna was silently working on his first album, “Odisea”, which he released in 2017.

Ozuna would also release numerous songs in 2017, such as Dile Que Tu me Quieres. He collaborated with Tu Foto and Despues de las 12. These videos were played by more than 300 million music lovers worldwide. They were #8 on the trending tab on YouTube at one point. The additional collaboration included working with

  • Daddy Yankee on La Rompe Corazones
  • Escapate Conmigo with Wisin
  • Ahora Dice with J Balvin
  • Remix El Amante with Bad Bunny and Nicky Jam

His fourth album was released in September 2020. Enoc contained songs such as Del Mar and Una Locura. These songs featured Doja Cat, Sia, and J Balvin.

Ozuna - Se Preparó
Se Preparó is a Spanish language hit song by the Puerto Rican singer Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (1992). Download it now and have a good time.
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