Ozuna x Romeo Santos – El Farsante (Remix)

Have you listened to El Farsante before? You may be correct since it is a brilliant song by the Latin Trap artist Ozuna. The original piece had a bachata remix courtesy of DJ Tronky. It’s not unheard of for artists to listen to their peer’s music. Eventually, the song made its way to Romeo Santos.

Santos decided to visit the past like his peers, Marc Anthony or Jennifer Lopez, which involved collaborating with other experienced artists. He decided to create another version of the song working with Ozuna, the primary artist.

How to Download Ozuna x Romeo Santos – El Farsante (Remix)

You can download the song from a digital store. Click on the Download button located below this review. If you like Ozuna, check out also his other songs – Vaina Loca (with Manuel Turizo), Imposible (with Luis Fonsi), or Criminal (with Natti Natasha). For the fans of Romeo Santos, we recommend his hit – Propuesta Indicente.

The Song Review

EL Farsante – the Lyrics

If you wonder what the song is about, El Farsante is about betrayal and honesty. The title translates into “the Imposter,” which should give it away. The chorus carries the repetitive lyrics “En el Amor soy un farsante” meaning the subject is a hypocrite, a liar, and a cheater.

However, at the song’s end, it moves toward reconciliation between the couple or the circumstances. You could say El Farsanteportrays a complete story regarding dishonesty, denial, and re-building an amicable relationship.

EL Farsante – the Video

The video begins with opening credits. At first, we are introduced to a jail where a woman is visiting to meet the prisoner. She holds the receivers to converse through the tempered glass.

A student locks himself in the principal’s office and begins to sing on the PA in a school setting. He sings and proclaims his love for a girl attending a class in the homeroom. The proclamation may seem embarrassing, but the girl finds it sweet and romantic.

The frame switches back to the jail scene, where the prisoner’s and his visitor’s conversation becomes heated. We learn later on the woman is pregnant with the prisoner’s baby. Alas, he won’t be present to raise their child together.

Later on, there is a third setting introduced—a courtroom. Romeo Santos stands close to the judge’s podium and continues to sing. The judge, jury, lawyers, and witnesses are portrayed by beautiful women; dressed in a sexualized version of the professional attire. Ozona and Santos’ lyrics play in the background during the entire video. At the same time, they dance and parade at a rooftop somewhere in London. The video is full of agony, pain, and despair.

You have to watch it to believe it!

The Bottom Line

The song showcases there is more to the apparent chain of events. We are unsure of what the other person is thinking. However, give them enough time until they feel comfortable to reveal their intentions and innermost thoughts without being judged.

About the Artists

Romeo Santos

Anthony Santos was born in 1983 to a couple in the Bronx. Santos rose to the lead singer in the church’s choir in his childhood. Later on, he formed Aventura with Henry, Lenny, and Max Santos. The band grew fast because of their unconventional bachata mix with pop and hi-hop.

The band broke up in 2011, but the fandom was only beginning for Anthony Santos. He went on to sign with Sony Music to create songs like You and I Promise, guest featuring Usher. Santos’ most recent performance in 2021 filled the stadium at Utopia Live.


Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1992. He started showcasing an interest in music very early, at the age of 12. He would compose and dream about becoming a musician. Ozuna took one step forward to his dreams when he signed with Golden Family Records Inc. in Puerto Rico in 2014.

Furthermore, he started uploading and publishing songs on YouTube, cementing his musical influence in Latin America. He would collab with J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Romeo Santos in the future years.

Ozuna x Romeo Santos - El Farsante (Remix)
El Farsante is a song by Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (1992) and Anthony "Romeo" Santos (1981). Download it now and have a good time.
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