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GIMP, or exactly GNU Image Manipulation Program, is free downloadable software on GNU license. It is used for image manipulation or for drawing and image creation. With GIMP one can easily create a banner for a WWW site or an avatar for Facebook. The program, just like his more famous brother Photoshop, has many features that allow for image editing and creation of interesting visual effects.

How to Download GIMP

To get the program, click on the Download button below the review.

Who Is This Program for?

GIMP is created with the beginners as well as the pros in mind. Thanks to the many image editing tools it has under the hood, GIMP is at the moment the best free program for graphics manipulation.

The application will be appreciated by the people who love the beauty of simplicity. GIMP has a friendly and easy to master user interface and a toolbar at the top of the screen. For those who are new to the program, there are a plethora of free guides available on the net.

The GNU license mentioned above means that the source code of GIMP is available to the public and can be edited if needed.

GIMP Features Overview

Let’s have a look at the GIMP toolbar. As in most of the programs the first item on the list is the File menu. It provides us with the following commands and options:

  • the basic set of commands used to start a new project,
  • export of the project,
  • loading the project (handy also if we want to load a project from a site which features a GIMP tutorial),
  • opening a picture as a layer,
  • other options like printing,
  • closing the windows,
  • closing the application etc.

The second menu items in GIMP is Edit menu, which provides the tools necessary for correcting and improving our work. There we will find tool such as

  • cutting,
  • copying,
  • filling the background with color or pattern,
  • deleting an object.

An interesting command in the Edit menu is drawing shapes with the Path Tool or Selection but it requires a bit more proficiency with GIMP or other digital tools of this type. The third item on the menu is Select. It allows for object selection which makes possible working with just a part of the image.

In the View menu, we will find tools for image resizing. Thus we can make an image smaller or larger. In the Picture menu, there are commands used to transform an image, for example, rotate it. The Layer menu allows for managing multiple image layers. It is useful in advanced graphical works. The Colors menu lets users change the hues of the picture. The Tools menu there are commands for image cropping and perspective change. There are also a number of many great looking filters – they can be found in the Filters menu.

In GIMP most of the tools that are placed in the menu can be also found in various program windows and panes. This makes the image editing process much more comfortable.

GIMP has also the menus called Windows and Help. There we can set the number of windows on the screen and access the help section – the user’s guide.

In the gallery below there are edited pictures from the games reviews in This lets us see their beauty as well as GIMP capabilities. We have screens from Conan Exiles, Stardew Valley, Lords of the Fallen, Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Cities: Skylines,  NieR: Automata, Rocket League, and Binary Domain.

GIMP is a downloadable tool for graphics editing. It's full of advanced options. Download it for free and create your own masterpieces and correct photos.
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