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Cities: Skylines is a typical representative of economic strategy games where the main goal for the players is to build, manage and develop an own city. The studio behind the game paid homage to the progenitors of the genre – the Maxis studio who in their own time developed the classic SimCity.

Download Cities: Skylines

The game can be downloaded from Steam. It will be free only if you return it within two weeks from the day of purchase. The downloaded game of Cities: Skylines cannot be then played for more than 2 hours.

Cities: Skylines – the SimCity Successor

Cities: Skylines is not a revolutionary game as far as city building titles go. Quite the contrary, it is based on the proven and well-tested solutions. Thus the veterans of the genres should not be surprised by Cities: Skylines game mechanics and its game modes. They will quite at home and this means a relaxed gameplay.

The Goal of the Game

The player’s task is to create an ideal city and to oversee every aspect of its life. We need to take care of the infrastructure and financial stability. The main goal is to constantly develop the metropolis by filling the world’s map with new buildings.

Cities: Skylines – The Game Mechanics

There are three types of buildings which are available in the game. The first are apartments for the inhabitants of the city. These can be stand-alone houses as well as blocks of flats and skyscrapers. The player will be obliged to create zones in the city designed for this purpose. Thus new people will come to the city.

The second type of structures is retail and service facilities. They come in many shapes and forms and have varied architectural designs. The third kind are industrial buildings, mainly all types of factories. The second and third kind of structures are the potential workplaces for our people.

Playing as the Mayor

In addition to raising buildings, the player will have to think of the city infrastructure. In order to achieve this goal, the player will have to act as the main architect planning the visual aspect of the city and also as the managing mayor. The tasks will include planning the tax policy, an astute division of the municipal funds, taking care of the security of the citizens and the general happiness of the population. The game gives feedback on how well we are doing. The citizens tell us what functions right and what should be changed.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a strategy game with an economic twist and a city building simulator. Download it today and create a metropolis of your dreams.

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