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Faceless.ME VPN

Faceless.ME VPN is a Virtual Private Network with servers placed in 3 different countries namely, The United States of America, Russia, and The Netherlands. Faceless VPN allows its users to gain the benefits of using a VPN without the cost of purchasing one, although this does come with compromises unless they upgrade to one of their premium packages.

How to Download Faceless.ME VPN

You can download the program by clicking the Download button below the review. There is also the Premium version of the software which gives you additionally unlimited speed and the capability to switch between servers.

The Program Review

In a rapidly digitalizing world, where information, security, identities, and communication depend on bits and bytes of data transferred across the internet, how safe do you think you are on the internet? From Skype calls, public WIFI connections to downloading media, everything is a potential threat for hackers that seek vulnerability.

It could be that one does not wish to expose themselves on the internet and want to remain anonymous while carrying out tasks. All these problems have one solution, a reliable and effective VPN. Faceless is a VPN developed as a potential fix to all the problems listed above and to many more.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a system that allows the user’s computer or device to access the internet through it by collectively producing a secure network through which it can communicate. The Users device acts as a part of the network allowing it to merge with the system making it a Virtual symbiote.

The result is the device being able to securely access the internet through the Virtual Network without revealing its identity or allowing any potential hacker to steal any data through the transferring process as the data is encrypted at both ends.

Features of Faceless VPN and its Interactions

Faceless.ME uses shared IP addresses which are common among VPNs but is both risky and advantageous to the user. Its advantageous as the increased number of users on a single IP reduces the chances of one being tracked down based on their IP address history, although, it isn’t impossible to do so.

The downside is that having multiple users on a single IP produces what is called a Bad Neighbor effect, where the actions of certain users on a specific IP affects everyone using it; this results in the user being blacklisted or having to undergo various verification techniques on certain sites periodically.

Faceless.ME having this mechanism implemented in its system makes it a preference to Torrent Downloaders and browsing enthusiasts as the minor annoyance of the bad neighbor effect is complemented by the added security.

Faceless.ME supports both OpenVPN and PPTP protocols, which is a big bonus to its users. PPTP although being very easy to set up and fast while being a pioneer in Secure networks often has its security compromised, OpenVPN, on the other hand, is much more secure with Opensource technologies such as OpenSSL encryption library and SSL/v3/TLS V1 Protocols being implemented.

OpenVPN has the ability to be configured to any port, thereby, making it indistinguishable from standard HTTPS traffic, this makes it near impossible to be blocked permanently. Faceless also has the bonus of AES encryption making it much more reliable when paired up with the latter of the protocols.

The availability of PPTP allows fast downloads especially in torrents and much more reliable security through its counterpart OpenVPN; the availability of Peer to Peer networking or torrent traffic makes this VPN scream torrent downloads all along.

The developer of the VPN has stated that no logs are kept of the users activities under any circumstance, this is a big pro as it allows better anonymity over the fact that the user has no record saved of their existence online; However, it is said that the IP Address and data usage is collected towards aiding internal bookkeeping for a temporary period.

When the Faceless VPN was tested over the internet through Speedtest.net, it was easily visible that the optimization of the network wasn’t at its peak, downloads speeds were cut in half to the closest server and farther the server the slower the network became; although this was expected the downgrade in speed after the VPN was applied was quite high, at times even going low as 1 Mbps from the expected 4 Mbps.

The downgrade in speed was a big negative for Faceless VPN as other VPN’s in the market provided a much more stable connection, regardless of geographic distance. There was also no visible indication of a killswitch which is available in most of the VPNs in the market.

Community Feedback

The VPN service has mixed community feedback, users do praise Faceless VPN for its service and reliability a certain group that was quite noticeable enough in number complained of constant server downtimes and minimal support for critical issues. The company also had inactive social media accounts including twitter with many of its posts dating back to 2014. The VPN service has no live support till now and functions off a ticket-based system instead.

Supported Platforms

  • IOS (10.3 or later)
  • Windows (7 and above)
  • Android (7.0+)


The free version

Faceless VPN allows a generous amount of data for its free service (2 Gb for PC and 1 Gb for mobile) and it requires no registration; just download, install and hook your device to the VPN.

There are speed limitations on the server and the ability to switch between the different servers is removed on the free version. With having no logs saved during its use, the free version is ideal for light users; However, if you intend to use it for an extended period it is best to upgrade to one of its premium packages.

Premium Packages

Premium packages for Faceless VPN are provided for 2 time periods only

  1. 3 months costing $19.95
  2. 6 months costing $29.95

The package promises to deliver uncapped speeds and the ability to switch servers at a user’s preference.

The Bottom Line

Overall Faceless VPN is a solid alternative when the price is compared with many of the markets higher-end popular VPN’s, it is most suitable towards torrent downloaders and streamers as the repeated negative customer feedback on certain instances make the service risky to use for sensitive data, but thankfully Faceless VPN always gives the option of using its free version to test the waters.

Faceless.ME VPN
Faceless.ME VPN is a tool that lets you hid eyor IP, encrypt your data, and get access to region-restricted content. Download it now.
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