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Random Password Generator 1.3

Random Password Generator helps to provide better security to your devices and sensitive data. Usually, people have set passwords on their devices, but they are easy-to-guess, and thus it makes their devices vulnerable to others.

This is where the Random Password Generator comes to save all of you. It uses IObit security to generate random passwords.

How to Download Random Password Generator

To download the program, click on the Download button located below the review. Check out also another handy security tool from IObit software that we’ve reviewed – Protected Folder.

The Program Review

What Is a Random Password Generator?

A random password generator, as its name indicates, is a tool used to generate passwords randomly. It generates strong passwords to protect your privacy according to the guidelines you have set. These passwords contain numbers, symbols, lowercase, and uppercase letters.

Usually, there are three types of random password generators. These are:

  • Pseudorandom number generators
  • True random number generator
  • Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator

Moreover, it helps password managers to manage your passwords.

Why Should You Use Random Password Generator?

Usually, people get confused over the idea of why they should use a random password generator. The answer to this is straightforward. People generally find it difficult to remember passwords for all their accounts.

As a result of which they use easy passwords or the same password for all of their accounts. But it increases the chances of their accounts being hacked. Therefore, the use of a random password generator helps you to generate a random password for which is relatively difficult to guess.

Thus the security of your data and information requires that you use a tool such as Random Password Generator. Apart from this, tools like this help you to manage your passwords with the help of password managers.

Random Password Generator – Important Features

Some of its essential features include:


It is unfair to start Password Generator features from something other than security. As their primary goal is to provide the security to your accounts.

Work Everywhere

They are easy to use, and the best thing is you can get instant access to them wherever you are. The only criteria are to have the internet and generate strong passwords for your accounts.

Compatible on all Devices

There are not any specific rules on which device it works. Random password generators work equally well on all devices, including phones, tablets, PC, etc. Moreover, anything you created will be saved in your account and is available on all other devices.

Passwords Management

There is more than one account of everyone, and it is a challenging task to remember difficult and random passwords for each one. Therefore Random Password Generator also helps you to manage all your passwords in a password manager. Thus there is no need to remember all passwords.

Advantages Of Using Random Password Generator

There are several benefits of using a random password generator. The general advantages of using it are:

  • It comes with a friendly user interface.
  • Users can auto-fill their passwords with a single click when logged in to their accounts.
  • It provides several excellent features.
  • Generate strong, random, and secure passwords that are difficult to crack.

Final Words

Random Password generator has solved your problem by generating a strong, random, and reliable password for you. As a result of which it provides improved security and works with password managers to manage all your passwords as well.

Random Password Generator
Random Password Generator will create for you secure passwords that you can then use on the internet. Download it now and make your lif easier.
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