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Sticky Password

Why should you use Sticky Password? Well, we all tend to write passwords down in a notebook or somewhere we consider safe. But as you can imagine, it’s very easy for other people to find these passwords, so the best thing that you can do is to rely on a password manager. These digital tools are designed to help you deal with any password problems a lot easier.

You can keep all the passwords in a single place and you can manage them with ease. Plus, you will have a master password that no one knows, so only you can see the passwords you have and you can change them as you see fit. That’s exactly what Sticky Password can do for you, and it also has some clever and interesting features for you to explore.

How to Download Sticky Password

You can download the free version of the program or buy a 1-year or lifetime license of the Pro version. Click on the Download button below the review.

Sticky Password Review

At its core, Sticky Password is a stellar password management tool. The idea behind this app is that you can have quick access to all your passwords and any new ones will automatically be added to the database. The main dashboard of the app will include all the information you when it comes to the web accounts, app accounts, identities, and memos.

Yes, Sticky Password actually lets you write memos that can be accessed only if you login to the app securely. It helps especially if you have some secure memos that you don’t want anyone to know about. And it certainly works in a very professional manner, which doubles down on value and quality.

Maybe the best thing about Sticky Password is that it can be added to your browser and when a contact form will ask for into, the app will automatically fill all the forms. You won’t have to worry about keyloggers anymore since you just click on the app and don’t write anything. Plus, it helps save time too, which is always very helpful in a situation like this.

Sticky Password also has its own password generation engine. What this does is it will automatically create and store some very complex passwords.

You will even see the strength of those passwords and if they should be reused or not. In case you want to pay with a credit card, Sticky Password will help offer an encrypted vault for the credit card number and it will be synced to every device that has this app. It’s very friendly and helpful since you can still buy online but without having to worry about your CC data being stolen in any way.

The Sticky Password application works in 16+ very popular browsers, it has its own dedicated app and you can securely share your passwords and logins. You can also share permissions if you want and secure your data in a way that just the military does with amazing encryption systems. We recommend you to give this a try for yourself and you will be very impressed with how reliable and efficient this tool can actually be.

It’s very comprehensive, professional and it comes with a wide range of amazing ways to keep your passwords safe. Having the ability to fill your logins and online forms quickly is also a major plus, and you may want to give this tool a try!

Sticky Password
Sticky Password is a manager that secures your logins and passwords and lets you store them encrypted on your drive or in the cloud. Download it now.
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