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TinyWall 3.2.5

Security is no tiny matter when it comes to modern PCs. For those users that want the absolute best in protection, TinyWall helps reinforce your Windows system’s existing security measures and gives you robust control over them. How does it do this? We’ll describe just how the software works and why we think it’s a great addition to your Windows system.

How to Download TinyWall

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The Program Review

From a review of TinyWall’s interface and operation to what it actually offers you in terms of functions, we’ll evaluate everything we love about this security backup.

The first question you might wonder about software like this is whether or not you need it. After all, it only augments what your Windows system already comes with preinstalled. How much could it really add?

While that is a worthy question, it misses the point of software like TinyWall which aims to give you control and options over how your security firewall works – in addition to giving you an extra layer of protection and backup.

It does this by giving you options that the default program doesn’t allow and further bolsters your system’s security features through robust and bespoke processes that fill in the gaps, so to speak, left behind by the default security program.

One of the best features of the app is that it operates unobtrusively.

This means it won’t suck up a bunch of memory and it won’t pester you with constant updates and status prompts – unlike some security software out there. In fact, the devs behind TinyWall describe its impact on your system’s overall performance as “negligible” and we have to agree.

Running a system that is already strapped for resources is tough enough without adding bloated security software on top of it. You don’t have to worry about that with TinyWall as it seamlessly integrates with Windows’ natural security features. In keeping with this trend, there are no kernels or driver components installed on your system when you use this app.

You can customize your firewall along many lines but some of the most popular include setting temporary firewall rules, adding tampering protection, and creating blocklists for abusive programs.

Best of all, the software is free and convenient to use. What that translates into is that you will never be asked for a licensing fee, won’t have to watch endless, meaningless ads, nor will you be prompted to purchase an upgrade. All of the software’s features are available immediately and forever. How’s that for a permanent solution to your security backup?

It’s a great combination of features, ease of use, and convenience.

While it isn’t a piece of software that you can set it and forget it – you will need to update it as free updates become available – the fact that it never bothers you with endless begging is a huge plus in its column.

Most security software is out for a subscription fee, a licensing fee, or shows you endless ads. Some of them even generate system prompts over relatively mild security concerns in order to, yet again, pressure you into buying something. Those days are gone when you use TinyWall.

TinyWall is a small firewall program that simply gets the job done. Download it now and use it for free to secure your PC.
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