GS Auto Clicker 3.1.4

GS Auto Clicker is a handy little tool which will let you automate your mouse clicks. Such functionality can be very effective in games that require you to make multiple clicks, sometimes in a very short amount of time. The software is a free download.

How to Download GS Auto Clicker

To download the latest version of GS Auto Clicker click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Tutorial

GS Auto Clicker lets you record a sequence of mouse clicks. The process requires you to confirm each recorded click with a click on Pick point button. You continue in this fashion until the last click which is confirmed with the OK button instead. This is done so because the exact time between the clicks can be determined later. Once the recording is complete, you can test-replay it to see if the result matches your needs. You do it by pressing F8 key on your keyboard. By the way, this key can be configured and change to whatever key you prefer. When you press F8 again the loop stops.

If you don’t want the loop to play indefinitely, you can schedule a certain number of cycles. As mentioned earlier you can also set a time interval between each click, which can range from milliseconds to hours. Unfortunately, the time intervals have to be of the same length between each click.

Another interesting feature of the program is that after the loop ends you can set a certain system behavior. This can be quitting the program, locking, logging off or turning off the computer, or moving to standby or hibernate modes.

Program Limitations

GS Auto Clicker allows for left, right and middle button clicks. It is also able to program single and double clicks. Unfortunately, during a single session, we have to decide on one type of clicks. That makes the use of the program a bit limited in scope. The software is also not able to remember more than one sequence of clicks. If we want to record another session, we have to delete the one which is stored in memory, or we can add to the one that is already remembered. The program will not remember keystrokes either, just mouse clicks of a specified type. If you are looking for a more versatile program, you should probably check out Remouse by the same company.

Nevertheless, if you need a simple and free mouse macro recorder, you can’t go wrong with GS AutoClicker. Download it and try for yourself.

GS Auto Clicker
GS Auto Clicker is a simple free mouse click recorder that might save you time or help to gain an advantage in games.
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