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Hetman Partition Recovery 4.3

Have you recently lost some data due to accidental deletion or even hardware error? Or maybe you would like to protect yourself from that eventuality? Hetman Partition Recovery is one of the most robust data recovery tools on the market and is capable of not only recovering accidentally deleted data but also data on formatted hard drives and repartitioned hard drives. It can even help you in the case of virus attacks or system failures.

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Let’s face it: there are a ton of options for backup out there, but most people don’t take advantage of them. Whether it is cloud-based or on various external hard drives, most people just hope for the best when it comes to their files. And most of the time that is ok. But when the worst comes to pass, you need something that can help you recover your data and rebuild your hard drive.

Beyond that, imagine that you get locked out of a hard drive or something else happens to it. Most of us use what are called hard disk drives instead of the more robust and reliable solid-state drive. The main disadvantage of a hard disk drive is that there are moving parts that fall apart after extended use. This extra mechanical component to their construction means that failure is inevitable – and much sooner than you’d probably like.

So if you know you’re going to get the most life out of your computer as possible, you might want to familiarize yourself with software tools like Hetman Partition Recovery which can be there when you need to recover data.


The tool works with hard drives, memory cards, and USB drives. It works by restoring FAT NTFS disks and rebuilds the original file and folder structure and does this for current partitions and all past partitions as well. Users can then use these rebuilt drives to search for data and even save the entire drive with all original files and folders.

One concern that many users have about this kind of software is whether or not they will be able to use it. After all, some things can be complicated and restoring a broken hard drive is one of them. First, you have to determine what kind of work you need to do. Are you recovering data from a broken piece of gear or a memory card, etc.

But, luckily for you, the recovery wizard that comes with Hetman Partition Recovery helps you figure out what process you need to use at the beginning and gives you step by step instructions on how to proceed with the recovery. It basically holds your hand throughout the whole process and it is amazingly simple to understand and follow.

That’s probably what makes the tool so powerful. It is easy to use, extremely capable and robust and comes armed with a bevy of benefits that advanced users and beginners will love. Beyond that, the user interface is easy to understand and the step-by-step recovery wizard sets standards for quality hand-holding for new users.

Hetman Partition Recovery
Hetman Partition Recovery is a program that lets you restore data from damaged hard drives. Download it now to test its robust capabilities.
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