Backup & Recovery

We usually store data on hard disks, memory sticks, portable USB disks, servers or Internet clouds. But by saving data in various computer systems, we are at risk of losing them. If that happens, we can try to recover all or at least some of the data we need. To this end, programs for backup and data recovery come to help.

The need to take advantage of backup and recovery software will occur when the data on the primary medium is no longer available. The cause may be physical damage, accidental erasure, virus attack or theft.

The way to recover data can be to restore them from a backup copy before making a backup or to use a data recovery program when we did not create such a copy.

The backup will allow you to recover the latest version of the banned data. Most of the time it will not be the latest version of the data but it’s better than nothing.

Recuva is a free data recovery program. It runs on Microsoft Windows systems. It is able to recover files that have been permanently deleted and marked by the system as free space. It should be noted that no data recovery software guarantees full data restoration. Another interesting program is Digital Image Recovery , which specializes in image recovery.

When it comes to data archiving or backup software, a good example is Redo Backup and Recovery. This is a free tool that creates and restores backup disks or partitions. It supports file systems in MS Windows and Linux. Other examples are Cobian Backup or Norton Ghost. There are also cloud solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive or Dropobox.

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