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Send2Phone 22.5

Send2Phone is a very professional tool designed to help you with desktop to phone transfers. It’s a tool that only works with Windows and Android, so they are a bit restricted here. However, the thing that really makes Send2Phone stand out is the fact that it supports any Android phone and as long as you have Windows 7 or later you can use this tool without a problem.

How to Download Send2Phone

You can download the program by clicking the button below the review. The setup consists of the Windows program and the companion Android app – you need to download and install both.

The Program Review

The most important aspect related to Send2Phone is the fact that it will transfer just about any type of content. It’s great for image, video or even link transfer. It will also help you with transferring a variety of information too. That alone, combined with the fact that you can also transfer from your phone to your desktop makes this tool very helpful.

Send2Phone also offers encryption with the AES 256 standard, so there’s no need to worry about any issues. Instead, the app does a very good job of keeping every bit of information safe. That’s why the developers stated you can easily share even sensitive information if you want, like passwords, important files, and many others.

The ease of use is one of those things that will make you check out this tool. Not only is it very easy to install, but the fact that you can drag and drop files onto it does make quite the difference. It helps eliminate the hassle since you can drop anything within the interface and it will be sent directly to your phone.

The synchronization process is very convenient and professional, with Send2Phone doing a very good job at keeping the content at its latest version. Since you have support for almost every file format out there, you will find that transferring files to your Android phone is a breeze. And you can send files to the device just as easily.

With Send2Phone you can also upload multiple files at once. It can be very time-consuming to only upload a single file at a time, so having this ability to use more than a single file at once can be very helpful. There’s no limit when it comes to how many files you can process either.

That’s helpful since it offers more control over the process and you can feel free to customize and improve everything the way you want. The only limit comes with the file size, the free version will upload files up to 2 MB, whereas the Plus version will send files up to 100 MB.

All in all, Send2Phone does a very good job of helping you transfer all kinds of files very fast. It’s extremely convenient and dependable, while also offering great professionalism and attention to detail. The interface is intuitive, and you can easily share multiple files if you want to. That, combined with the fact that this is a free tool if you just upload small files, makes it a very good app to use on your computer. Give it a try if you want to share files with your Android device often, and it will be worth it!

Send2Phone is a free tool that lets you synchronize your data between PC and your mobile Android device. Download it now and use for free.
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