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ApPHP Tabs 3.2.7

ApPHP Tabs is a free PHP script that helps in generating multi-level tabbed website menus that come together with some assisting controls. The tabs created through this service are user-friendly and catch the eyes of the users.

The tabs also allow users to maintain their focus on particular tasks. This simplified decluttered interface view pushes them to be more productive and less time-wasting. The process of adding or removing the tabs is pretty hassle-free. A user can add or remove a specific tab in mere seconds.

One can take advantage of the script in organizing a website navigation system. The developers of these tabs made sure that their service remains easy to implement and customize. They also made sure that these tabs install according to object-oriented programming principles. Because of this, many developers prioritize using the ApPHP tabs. Let’s talk about this software in the section below.

How to Download ApPHP Tabs

To download the script, click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also another cool free script by ApPHP – ApPHP Calendar.

The Program Review

If you are a web developer and want to create a tabbed menu, using ApPHP Tabs would help you solve the issue and save you time. This PHP script helps in generating multi-level tab menu controls. You can also customize it.

The code is a high-quality script. Additionally, it comes with documentation, live demo, and code examples

This program gets regular updates and introduces new features to its users to avoid users getting bored. The code is readable as well, and its installation requires no extra struggle.

If you have Linux or Windows OS with the Web Server Apache or IIS working inside, you can use it easily. You might also need PHP 5.3.0 or higher installed in your system.

The Key Features Of ApPHP Tabs

Here are some shining features of this tool.

AJAX Enabled

It supports AJAX which makes it more user-friendly, efficient, and responsive. Your productivity will increase due to the high response rates of your tabs through AJAX.

Multi Leveled

Its tabs support multiple level hierarchies, which means that your tabs can have many levels. There are infinite numbers of levels on these tabs, and one can also enable or disable them.


The tabs are user-friendly as they use different styles for lower-level tabs. You also get tab icons as well as a full-fledge drop-down menu for the lower-levels.

Final Verdict

ApPHP Tabs is a decent tool to help web developers be more productive, helps on-time delivery, and provides multiple features for customer ease. It’s easy to use, and can be installed, and implemented with no extra effort.

ApPHP Tabs
ApPHP Tabs is a free script that lets you create interestingly-looking multi-tabbed and multi-level web interfaces. Download it now.
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