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DecSoft App Builder 2022.11 (06/13/2022)

App Builder is like a fresh breeze of air in the technological world. It enables you to create some of the good and the most useful apps for your desktop or even mobile phones. No smartphone comes without an app. Therefore, if you have any useful idea or a particular app you want, this software is here for your rescue. This app is a savior of many people and has completely transformed their lives. It allows you to contribute to society by creating useful apps to make life easier without the need for any difficult programming language.

How to Download DecSoft App Builder

To download the unlimited demo of DeckSoft App Builder (Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit versions), click on the Download button below this review.

The Program Review

This application comes with a goal for complete visual development for Microsoft Windows. It can help us create apps with or without programming skills. You can create WebApps, HTML apps, hybrid apps, WebExtensions, and Progressive WebApps. Moreover, the good thing is you can create applications for both desktop and mobile. It has numerous visual and non-visual controls allowing us to drop it in the application’s designer simply.

Some of the major controls it has include Text Inputs, HTTP Clients, Push Buttons, and Timers.

Besides, this software is also in integration with Apache Cordova. There is no need to learn difficult programming to use this tool. Even without a programming language, you can create some of the most useful desktop and mobile apps. It comes with different pricing strategies, including $52 for starter, $215 for regular, and $269 for scalable. However, if you want to create native iOS and Android apps, get a premium plan.

The Key Features of App Builder

Here are some of the key features of this tool:

Creating Apps

You can create some of the good apps like HTML5 apps, WebExtension, progressive WebApps, hybrid apps, and WebApps without using any difficult programming language.

Auto Scaling App

Its latest version comes with numerous activation locks. Plus, it can also allow you to install fixed and scalable templates during its runtime. Due to its automotive scale style, this app is good at displaying uniquely sized screens.

Quick Code List

It has a list of various shortcodes that you can use wherever you like. With these shortcodes, you can write JavaScript faster; it can show all available controls and strategies.

Application File Manager

Another good feature of this program is its suitable file supervisor in your application. Therefore, you can easily link JavaScript files and style sheets, upload snapshots and other documents.

Visual Designer

This app has multiple visual and non-visual controls that you can use in the tailor utility. With the drag control feature, you can easily place it in the appropriate place.

Apache Cordova

This software comes in integration with Apache Cordova, and therefore it can prepare the correct configuration files, platform icons, batch documents, welcome screens, shell files, and JSON documents.

Final Words

Create different types of desktop and mobile apps of your liking with the help of App Builder. There is no need to learn any difficult programming language, as it can create appealing apps with only one programming base.

DecSoft App Builder
DecSoft App Builder is a program that lets you develop different kinds of applications. Download it now and get creative.
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