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Bulk Crap Uninstaller 5.3

Bulk Crap Uninstaller also known as BCUinstaller is a free open source program uninstaller. The main focal point of this program is that it can remove large amounts of data and applications with minimal engagement from the user. This is because it was designed with IT professionals taken into consideration.

Although this is an extremely powerful program it does not mean that a regular PC user cannot use it, in fact, it is many times better than the regular old Windows Uninstaller that is present on most systems by default.

How to Download BCUninstaller

You can download the program by clicking the Download button located below this review.

The Program Review

Ever had mounds and mounds of junk files, raw data, and programs clogging up your system, irritating you to the point where you wished you had a bulk crap uninstaller? Look no further because Klocman Software has given you just that; Literally! The free open-source program named Bulk Crap Installer is just for you.

Firstly, Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a free software to use, which means one can use it to test the waters both commercially and privately with no obligations. The software is an open-source program, which means it probably has been tested by both the developer and the community for bugs and errors in coding allowing for a much more smooth and reliable experience.

The software also has full compatibility with the Windows Store apps, Steam, Windows Features, and special support for many more uninstalling systems such as NSIS, InnoSetup, Msiexec, and others in the category.

Most importantly, it can detect Applications that won’t be detected by generic uninstallers such as the Stock Windows Uninstaller.

What are the System Requirements?

The system requirements for Bulk Crap Uninstaller is basic enough to be run on any modern-day PC.

  • Operating System: Windows Vista and above (Previous versions have reduced compatibility)
  • .NET: .NET 4.0 and above is required (3.5 has reduced compatibility with the software)
  • RAM: 300 Mb of free Ram
  • Space: 50 MB
  • Hard drive: SSD is optimal but other types are 100% compatible with reduced speeds.

Features of the Software

It has many more functions following the basic requirements of an uninstaller which increases the span of its versatility; This Software is usable by everyday users in its basic form but also its advanced features make this an incredible addition to users such as system administrators and developers.

Basic Features

Using Bulk Crap Uninstaller give’s one the advantage of detecting unwanted applications more thoroughly. BCU recognizes applications from many sources such as;

  1. Chocolatey Packages (a command-line application for Windows-based on a developer-centric package manager known as NuGet.
  2. Hidden/Protected Applications.
  3. Normal Applications
  4. Applications that do not have an uninstaller or one’s that with them missing it.
  5. Occulus/ Steam games and apps.
  6. Portable applications
  7. Windows Features and Store Apps.

Advanced Features

BCU is capable of uninstalling multiple applications as Bulk with minimal user interaction or input, run purely based on the conditions set by the user. This is known as Quiet Uninstalling and in scenarios where Quiet Uninstalling is not possible, the User is notified beforehand to avoid complications where the user can remove it from the queue. The added feature of collision prevention when uninstalling is also present in BCU.

Users can view ratings and can provide a rating for certain applications recognized by BCU (helping the community).

When certain applications are uninstalled it may cause complications where the process might become unresponsive and hang behind. Fortunately, BCU has the ability to neutralize these problems, especially during batch uninstallations so that the rest of the programs can be removed safely while waiting for the problematic one to get resolved.

Are you tired of searching for non-existent file locations through shortcuts to find an uninstaller for a certain program? Luckily BCU has the added feature of uninstalling applications through a shortcut, directory or even a Window.

Getting rid of Unregistered Applications

Certain applications may not be present in the Windows Registry while being present on the drive, by letting BCU run its course the user can locate its uninstaller or generate a simple one for the required application to remove it.

Forced Restarts are Disabled

It is not a thing anymore, BCU makes sure the user decides when the system needs to be restarted and hard restarts are disabled automatically.

Specialized Features Present in BCU

  • BCU automatically locates Leftover scraps from uninstalls and removes them ensuring that they don’t cause complications by remaining in your system.
  • There is an option to force uninstall applications.
  • There is a free startup manager.
  • Massive amounts of information on applications present in the user’s system can be viewed with ease, allowing the user to browse, filter and export results.
  • A Confidence Rating is provided for applications allowing the user to decide whether it’s safe to remove a certain application or not.
  • Backups of Registry Entries are made through User permission allowing a soft restore in case of complications.
  • Custom Rules, scripts and tweaks for detection are present from version 4.9 onwards.
  • Verification of uninstaller certificates is possible; This allows the user to view an uninstaller’s Genuity, making sure it has had no modifications post-release.
  • There is the ability to run user-specified commands before and after uninstalls.
  • The whole program is fully portable as everything is present on a single file.
Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a tool that will let you remove unnecessary programs and their leftovers from your PC. Download it now.
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BCUninstaller Review Summary

 Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a nifty tool for any PC user, as programs do get piled up over time. Although it may be quite difficult to maneuver at first the utility which the program provides could open a world of freedom for you in your hard drive and BCU will effortlessly clean your computer from all those pesky strays.

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