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Extra Keys 2.2.4

Extra Keys is a downloadable Windows-based software that provides you with convenient access letters and symbols that you can’t find on your standard keyboard. Whether these characters are from French or German, you can type them quickly with the help of this program.

You can also call it the alternative to Microsoft’s own product Character Map. If you are looking for a convenient and quick tool, this one is the right choice for you.

It contains all the essential features for you and makes sure that you can type the symbols easily. This app is essential for students who want to add different equations and symbols in their assignments.

How to Download Extra Keys

You can download the program by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. Choose between the installer of the portable version. If you like the tool and you are a programmer, it is possible will most probably want to purchase Extra Keys Pro. This version lets you output the special characters in several formats.

The Program Review

The primary purpose of Extra Keys is to provide you with a virtual keyboard that you can easily see on your screen. You can use a mouse to type the letters where you want to add them. Sometimes, it will be hard to type the letters, but after clicking twice, you can get the desired result.

Consequently, if you are searching for an application that can provide your various key sets, luckily, we have found the exact utility for you. It’s 100% secure and is created by Deeproot Software. Yes, we are talking about Extra Keys.

This tool helps you to type characters from Greek, Georgian and Armenian alphabets. By following a few simple steps, you can get access to different characters on your screen. In addition, you can change the font of each symbol and can adjust it according to your requirements.

The Key Features of Extra Keys

Here are some essential features of Extra Keys that will help you to get more ideas about this app.

  1. Numerous Key Sets

This software allows you to choose different keysets that are from different languages. You can either select Greek alphabets or Georgian; it depends on your needs. Also, you can change the font of each symbol.

  1. Safe to Use

This is 100% secure and doesn’t cause any damage to your system. Also, it doesn’t require any special installation, which means you can download it effortlessly on your Windows versions. However, it works the same as a normal keyboard, so there are chances of little errors.

  1. Simple Interface

The interface is simple and allows you to adjust the settings. You can find a ‘more/less’ option on the keyboard, which allows you to expand the panel so that you can add punctuation marks and special symbols.

  1. Quick Access

You can quickly get access to it without waiting for a long time. In case if you don’t want to use it, you can minimize it and can easily use the normal keyboard.

  1. Support for Different Languages

It provides support for different languages and makes sure that you can get varieties of symbols on your screen.

Final Verdict

To sum things up, it’s a reliable program and allows you to add different special characters for your assignments, office work, and much more. You can use it as a virtual keyboard and can minimize it when you want to use a normal keyboard.

Extra Keys
Extra Keys is a great tool that gives you a quick access to a virtual keyboard with special characters and symbols. Download it now.
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